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Foldable tablet

Patent suggests Microsoft’s next Surface could come with redesigned kickstand

A new patent from Microsoft illustrates that the next Surface Pro from the company may come with a redesigned kickstand mechanism. In the patent application, Microsoft has detailed how the hinge...
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 may come with an upgraded Intel Core i5 processor soon

Microsoft is working on upgrading its entry-level Surface Book 2 with a new processor. The company plans to replace Intel Core i5-7300U processor with Intel Core i5-8350U in the Surface Book 2. The...
Microsoft Surface Kickstand

Patent suggests Microsoft may improve Surface devices hinge mechanism

Microsoft is said to be working on a new flagship Surface device which could be unveiled later this year with major hardware changes. As per a new patent, Microsoft might be...
Surface Go

Microsoft’s patent puts touch sensor enabled fabrics on back of Surface devices

Microsoft is believed to be working on a Surface Pro model which could be a bit thinner and lighter. While Microsoft is considering making the Surface slimmer, there is a new...
Surface Pen photo

Microsoft’s new patent points to Surface Pen improvements

The Surface Pen is still one of the best styluses you can buy and it is getting better, according to a new patent application. The Surface Pen is well integrated into the company's 2-in-1...
Surface Go keyboard cover

Microsoft’s new patent aims to improve Surface keyboard performance

Microsoft has yet another patent which details improvements for the company's Surface lineup. According to the patent application, the software giant might be planning to make the next Surface keyboard more...

Microsoft patents point to Surface Pen and Surface Dial improvements

The latest Microsoft patent applications published by USPTO details possible improvements for digital inking on Microsoft’s Surface lineup. The patent for Surface Pen was filed at the end of 2016 and the Surface Dial patent...
Surface Kickstand

Microsoft’s patent hints at Surface devices with improved kickstand

A new patent has been published which suggests that Microsoft is looking into ways to improve the kickstand of the Surface lineup. The patent is new, so there's a chance that...
Surface Go

Microsoft’s patent details minimized display borders for Surface models

A Microsoft patent application for a new type of device was discovered today and it focuses on a device with reduced display borders. The patent application aims to address the challenges involved around manufacturing...
Surface sides

Microsoft patent details updated USB-C port for Surface devices

A newly discovered Microsoft patent filed last year suggests that the company is exploring Surface devices with an updated USB-C connector. The current 2-in-1 lineup of the Surface hardware does not come...

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