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Surface Book (2)

Microsoft patent points to hinge improvements for Surface devices

Microsoft is always looking into different solutions to improve the hinge mechanism of its 2-in-1 Surface Pro and Surface Book devices. A recently discovered patent revealed that Microsoft is considering revolutionary...
Surface Laptop 2

Report: Some Surface Laptop 2 and Pro 4 also have battery issues

Some users are reporting that their Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 4 are suffering from battery degradation issues after recent Windows or firmware updates. According to various posts on Microsoft's community...
Surface Pro

Microsoft patent hints at a Surface Pro with innovative touchpad

The Redmond-based Microsoft has patented a Surface Pro design upgrade at USPTO that features a new touchpad in the front. Microsoft might be working on a new Surface Pro where the...
Surface Pro 6

Some Microsoft Surface Pro plagued by complaints about battery life

Some buyers of the recently released Surface Pro 6 and the older Surface Pro 5 models are reporting problems with their laptops’ batteries. The complaints, which have popped up in recent...
Surface Pro

Patent hints at new Microsoft’s Surface Pro with a thinner keyboard

Microsoft has filed a new patent for Surface Pro that would potentially make the keyboard thinner and improve the appearance of the device. According to the patent application uncovered by us,...
Surface devices

Some Microsoft Surface devices have a CPU throttling issue

According to numerous reports that we've seen, Microsoft Surface is suffering from a CPU throttling issue and the bug appears to be hitting various models, including the Surface Pro 6. It's worth...
Surface Pro 6 design

Latest update causing WiFi issues on Microsoft Surface for some users

Microsoft recently shipped new driver updates for several Surface devices, including the original Surface Book, Surface Pro and first-generation Surface Laptop. According to the changelog, the highlights of the update are improvements...
Surface Laptop concept

Microsoft patent reveals advanced solution to reduce heating on Surface

Computing devices may produce excess heat during certain operations such as heavy gaming and video editing. The excess heat could also cause performance and reliability issues on a computing device, but it...
Microsoft Surface Pen

Microsoft patent points to significant Surface Pen improvements

Microsoft’s Surface Products have had a good reputation for the hardware, type covers and also the Surface Pen. While the Surface Pen offers four thousand levels of pressure sensitivity and decent...
Surface Go

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Surface with Snapdragon CPU

Microsoft hasn't created a Surface device with ARM since 2013, but it appears that the company is planning to give this initiative another shot. According to reports, Microsoft is closely working...

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