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Windows 11 is the newest version of Microsoft Windows, and here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • Release date: October 5, 2021
  • System requirements include 4GB of RAM, 64GB minimum storage, TPM 2.0, and UEFI with secure boot support.
  • Current version and build: Windows 11 23H2 with Build 22621.1237 (as of May 2024).
  • Upcoming update: Windows 11 24H2.

On this page, you’ll find all the latest news and exclusive content about Windows 11. Explore below to keep up with everything Windows 11!

Windows 11 Recall AI update

Microsoft details Windows 11 Recall AI privacy, security: it records screen

Windows 11's standout new feature is "Recall," which uses local AI models to capture everything you do and see on your screen. Microsoft unveiled the Recall feature at a Windows event on May 20, and it will start shipping with the new PCs. But how does the feature work, and is it secure?
Windows 11 24H2 KB5037783 and KB5037869

Windows 11 24H2 gets KB5037783 and KB5037869 cumulative updates

Microsoft has released Windows 11 26100.560 to all users using Windows 11 24H2, including those who have not joined the Windows Insider Program. Additionally, a cumulative update is available for a leaked Windows 11 LTSC build. If you're in the Dev Channel, you will receive 26120.670.
Microsoft confirms Windows 11 Recall AI hardware requirements

Microsoft confirms Windows 11 Recall AI hardware requirements

Microsoft is reserving the most interesting AI feature to a selective lineup of processors by Snapdragon. The hardware requirements to run Recall are equally high.
Windows 11 light wallpaper

Windows 11’s new AI-themed wallpapers leaks online (download upscaled)

The original Windows 11 wallpaper features cool shades of blue and purple with hints of pink and orange, while the Copilot-themed wallpaper expands the color range.

Windows 11 KB5037771 issues: a few hiccups, but May 2024 Update is stable

The May 2024 Update for Windows 11 is generally stable, but some users may encounter a few issues. According to user reports, the update does not resolve VPN connection issues for all users. Additionally, some PCs may experience longer download times and installation failures.

Microsoft tests modern system setting dialogs for Windows 11

Microsoft has modified the appearance of two Settings app dialogs. The Rename your PC and Change Date and Time dialog boxes now have an updated design scheme.

Windows 11 Build 26217 hints at AI Component updates via Windows Update

Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 Build 26217 to testers in the Canary channel, which includes some minor bug fixes. Build 26217 introduces a new hidden page in the Settings for managing "AI component updates". Similar to Windows security updates, users will be able to manage updates for AI components.
Microsoft PC Manager wants you to 'repair' Windows 11 by turning on Bing

Microsoft PC Manager wants you to ‘repair’ Windows 11 by turning on Bing search

Microsoft PC Manager detected minuscule changes, like changing the start page and search engine in the Edge browser. It suggested we revert both these to their original settings.
Microsoft wants AI in Windows 11 apps for real things

Microsoft wants devs to add AI in Windows 11 apps for “real things”

Microsoft Build 2024 conference has a session called “Use AI for "real things" in your Windows Apps” on the official page. This developer-focused session will contain back-to-back demos on how to use AI for real-world applications in Windows apps.
Windows 11 KB5037771 update

Windows 11 KB5037771 out with Start menu features (direct download)

Windows 11 May update is now available for everyone in the stable channel with several changes, including a few Start menu features, such as ads. This update is available via Windows Update > Check for updates.

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