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Announced on June 24, Windows 11 is a new operating system and here’s everything you need to know.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 with Wallet feature

Windows 11 is getting Microsoft Wallet web app with cryptocurrency feature via Edge

Microsoft is enhancing its 'Wallet' feature in the Edge browser to support cryptocurrency wallets and is transforming it into a full-fledged web app for Windows 11. The Edge Wallet will...
Microsoft Edge browser AI upgrade

Microsoft Edge tests “AI-writing” on Windows 11, powered by ChatGPT & Bing AI

Microsoft Edge could soon change the world of blogging, journalism and email writing with a new tool, "AI-writing". As first spotted by Windows Latest, this feature, powered by ChatGPT's GPT-4 and...
Google Chrome privacy upgrade

Google Chrome incognito finally hides media data on Windows 11, macOS, Android

The Canary version of Google Chrome has a hidden feature that can be enabled to finally protect media content playing in the browser. For example, suppose you're watching a video on...
Windows 11 KB5030219 update

Windows 11 KB5030219 released (download offline installer)

Windows 11 KB5030219 is available for download via Windows Update with several important bug fixes. Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows 11 KB5030219 offline installers. These offline installers...

Microsoft’s AI could supercharge your Windows 11 desktop backgrounds

Windows Copilot is not the only AI-powered feature coming to Windows 11. According to internal documents seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft is testing at least one AI-powered feature that could revolutionize...
MS Paint app for Windows 11

How to enable Windows 11 Paint app background removal tool

It's possible to download the new version of Paint with a background removal tool without signing up for Windows 11's Insider Program. You can now use Windows 11's Paint app to remove...
Windows 11 BSOD error

Windows 11’s latest BSOD is not Microsoft’s fault, but the update has other issues

Windows 11 August 2023 optional update has been causing many issues for users, but one of the problems reported with the update was not caused by Microsoft. MSI has confirmed the...
WordPad for Windows 11 removal

Windows 11 users protest Microsoft’s WordPad removal, ‘It is faster than MS Word’

Users are unhappy as Microsoft announced its plans to remove WordPad in a future release of Windows, likely Windows 12. Many users reached out to Microsoft via its own Feedback Hub,...
WordPad for Windows

Windows 12 may not ship with Microsoft’s 28 years old WordPad

Microsoft is killing off WordPad in a future version of Windows, which will likely be Windows 12. According to sources familiar with the development, the next big release of Windows is...
Windows 11 Bing ads pulled

Microsoft pulls Bing ads for Google Chrome on Windows 11 after gaming disruption

Microsoft has just paused Bing ads targeting Chrome users who have set Google as the default search engine. Windows 11 (and 10) users are seeing more Bing and Edge of late,...

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