Bing Chat Image Creator

First look at ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3 in Microsoft Bing Chat AI

Microsoft Bing Chat is introducing DALL-E 3 to select users, a feature exclusive to paid customers of ChatGPT. This new text-to-image functionality offers better results, and it converts text descriptions into detailed artwork.

Windows 11 AI brings Google Lens-like OCR to Camera and Snipping Tool

After Paint, Photos and Snipping Tool, Microsoft is bringing AI capabilities to Windows 11's Camera app. The new OCR integration in the app allows it to compete against the likes of Google Camera, which uses Google Lens.
Google Chrome picture in picture mode

Google Chrome will automatically play YouTube videos in PiP if you switch tabs

Google Chrome is copying Microsoft Edge's upcoming feature - automatically tum on picture in picture for video sites.
Windows 11 Paint with DALL-E

Windows 11 update confirms Microsoft Paint to use DALL-E AI image creator

Windows 11 Paint app is turning into an AI-powered app with several improvements, including a new DALL-E-powered "Cocreator" feature to create realistic images from prompts.
Microsoft Edge tablet UI on Windows

Microsoft Edge accidentally forces tablet UI on PCs running Windows 11, Windows 10

Microsoft Edge accidentally forced tablet UI on desktops running Windows 11 and 10, and nobody knows why.
Windows 11 Paint Layers and Transparency

Hands on with Windows 11 Paint’s Photoshop-like Layers & Transparency tools

The famous Paint app on Windows 11 is getting three big new features - Background removal, Layers and Transparency. Microsoft is not trying to compete with Photoshop, but this move could help millions of users.
Windows 11 23H2 release date

Windows 11 23H2 is imminent as Microsoft rolls out Windows Configuration update

Windows 11 23H2 - the Windows Copilot update - could begin shipping in the coming weeks. Microsoft has rolled out new configuration update to prepare your device for the next big update.
Google Chrome Tracking Protection

Google Chrome is getting a full-fledged Tracking Protection feature

Google Chrome is getting a full-fledged "Tracking Protection" section in settings for its Windows, macOS, and Android versions. This section will bring various features in one place to prevent tracking while users surf the web.
Windows 11 KB5030219 issues

Windows 11 KB5030219 trashes PCs, gaming performance issues affect Starfield

Windows 11's September 2023 update is causing major issues for some users, ranging from Blue Screen of Death errors to lags in gaming sessions, buggy Starfield performance and more.
Google Sign In alerts

Google desperately wants you to sign-in when using Edge or Chrome in incognito

Journalists shame Microsoft for promoting Bing and Edge, but what about Google? The search engine now begs users to try Chrome or at least sign in to the account when using incognito mode. 
Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 with Wallet feature

Windows 11 is getting Microsoft Wallet web app with cryptocurrency feature via Edge

Microsoft is enhancing its 'Wallet' feature in the Edge browser to support cryptocurrency wallets and is transforming it into a full-fledged web app for Windows 11. The Edge Wallet will have features like...
Surface Go 4 leak

Surface Go 4 passes FCC with Intel N200, Wi-Fi 6 and Windows 11

Earlier this month, Surface Go 4 also quietly appeared on the FCC website, revealing some interesting device specifications. According to documents seen by Windows Latest, Surface Go 4 is confirmed to ship with Intel's...

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 appears in FCC

Windows Latest has spotted multiple listings on the FCC confirming that the next-generation Surface Laptop Go 3 is coming. Microsoft has secured FCC certification for a "portable computing device", which appears to be the much-awaited...
Microsoft Edge browser AI upgrade

Microsoft Edge tests “AI-writing” on Windows 11, powered by ChatGPT & Bing AI

Microsoft Edge could soon change the world of blogging, journalism and email writing with a new tool, "AI-writing". As first spotted by Windows Latest, this feature, powered by ChatGPT's GPT-4 and Bing AI, uses...
Google Chrome privacy upgrade

Google Chrome incognito finally hides media data on Windows 11, macOS, Android

The Canary version of Google Chrome has a hidden feature that can be enabled to finally protect media content playing in the browser. For example, suppose you're watching a video on any platform in...