Bing Chat Notebook and other features

Microsoft’s bumps Bing Chat characters limit to 16,000 with Notebook, puts ChatGPT behind

Microsoft Bing Chat's Notebook is now rolling out to everyone, including consumers. Bing Chat's Notebook lets you interact with the ChatGPT-4-powered AI in real-time, but it offers more advance prompt tuning and 16,000 characters.
Windows 11 printer rename bug

Microsoft confirms a Windows 11, Windows 10 bug mistakenly renames printers

Microsoft has finally confirmed reports of an issue that accidentally renames all printers and related devices or services to the HP LaserJet M101-M106 model. In a statement, Microsoft confirmed that it knows the reports but has nothing more to share at this moment.
Windows 11 KB5032283 Build 22635.2841

Windows 11 KB5032283 (beta channel) integrates WhatsApp into share menu

Microsoft has published KB5032283 (Build 22635.2841) that integrates WhatsApp into Windows 11's built-in share menu, allowing you to share pictures, videos or documents quickly.
Windows 11 Advanced Settings for power users

Windows 11 is getting an ‘Advanced Settings’ panel for power users

Microsoft is working on a new "Advanced Settings" panel for Windows 11 via Dev Home, an app targeted towards developers. This new panel could enable greater control over File Explorer features, such as changing the full path settings, folder icon and more.
Windows 24H2 and Windows 12 rumours

Windows 24H2 spotted as Windows 12 is rumoured to launch in 2024

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows, codenamed "24H2". It could be either called Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12, as the decision depends on Microsoft's marketing team. At this point, Windows 12 branding seems unlikely, following the recent organizational changes.
Windows 11 23H2 update issues

Microsoft confirms new issues in Windows 11 23H2

Microsoft has confirmed as many as two issues in the newest feature update 'version 23H2' for Windows 11. This includes buggy Windows Copilot on multi-monitor setup and broken Narrator. Microsoft says it's aware of the issues, but the company hasn't acknowledged reports of performance issues yet.
WhatsApp for Windows 11 with view once

WhatsApp rolls out send view once and unknown chats on Windows 11, Windows 10

WhatsApp has finally rolled out support for "view once" in its app for Windows 11 and macOS, allowing you to send destructive media. Additionally, WhatsApp is also getting a new way to chat with unknown numbers
Windows Update renames printers to HP

Windows Update accidentally renames all printers to HP M101-M106 on Windows 11, Windows 10

A recent Windows Update caused a metadata mix-up, leading to various printers being incorrectly identified and labeled as "HP LaserJet M101-M106" on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. This issue arose due to incorrect metadata details provided by HP.
Windows 10 KB5032278 with Copilot

Windows 10 KB5032278 is out with Windows Copilot

Windows 10 KB5032278, with the highly-anticipated Microsoft Copilot feature, is finally heading to production. This update is available for download via Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update, and you can also find...

Microsoft explains changes as Rewards Program loses daily Edge points

Microsoft Rewards recently removed the "Edge Search" quest, which offered 20 points per day, leading to disappointment and confusion among its users. Additionally, several quests within the program saw their point values significantly reduced.
HP Smart automatically installing on Windows 11

HP Smart is auto installing on Windows 11 and Windows 10 on non HP-machines

Microsoft is looking into reports of the HP Smart app automatically getting installed on Windows 11 and Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store, causing confusion among users. If your Windows installation is affected, you'll...

You can now enable automatic optional updates on Windows 10

After bringing Copilot to Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing a new Windows Update feature to the OS from Windows 11. With the improved group policy "Enable optional updates", you can now automatically install optional...
Microsoft Paint cocreator

Microsoft Paint’s DALL-E 3 integration is rolling out on Windows 11

Microsoft has finally rolled out the highly-anticipated Paint's DALL-E integration to everyone on Windows 11. With DALL-E 3 integration, you can use Microsoft Paint to create AI-generated images using the power of OpenAI-'s ChatGPT....
Windows Terminal with AI on Windows 11

Microsoft brings ChatGPT AI to Windows 11’s command line, and here’s a closer look

Windows Terminal is getting an optional feature - ChatGPT-powered "AI chat" on Windows 11. ChatGPT integration is now available in Terminal (Canary), a new development channel to test experimental features ahead of a wider...
Windows Copilot for everyone

Microsoft believes you’ll really need Copilot on Windows, so it’s adding it everywhere

Despite Microsoft's promotion of Copilot, there is skepticism about its utility, especially in its current form on Windows 10, where it lacks the functionality of a native app. Do you think Copilot is worth pinning to the desktop? Let's discuss.