Windows 11 KB5037853 update

Windows 11 KB5037853 out with File Explorer features (direct download .msu)

This month's the optional update for Windows 11 in May 2024 is a significant release. It includes a new page for managing linked devices, Microsoft account ads in the Start menu, and more. Microsoft is also rolling out drag and drop support in File Explorer address bar.

Microsoft confirms Windows 11 24H2 ditches AC-3 codec (Dolby Digital)

Do you still have those audio files? You may not be able to play AC-3 music using native Windows apps anymore. The upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update will no longer support the popular AC-3 codec, also known as Dolby Digital.

Microsoft SwiftKey Android’s Bing Deep Search sends you away from Google

SwiftKey for Android has received an update enabling "Bing Deep Search", utilizing ChatGPT-4 to enhance search results. Microsoft is also rolling out a new update for Launcher on Android that adds full-fledged Copilot web view.

Microsoft tests deeper Windows 11, Android integration with new Share UI, OCR

Microsoft is experimenting with a design change in the Share menu. You can now use the My Phone option in the Share window to send a file directly to your phone.
Microsoft Copilot Bot for Telegram

After Windows 11, Copilot is coming to messaging apps, starting with Telegram

Would you use Copilot if Microsoft started integrating it into messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger? Microsoft seems to think so.
Windows 11 24H2 LTSC

Microsoft details Windows 11 24H2 LTSC requirements, TPM optional for IoT

Microsoft may have lowered the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 24H2 on IoT to support more specialized use cases. If you're on Pro, Home or other consumer edition, you're still recommended to use a PC with TPM.
Bloom wallpaper OLED

You can now download official Windows 11 24H2’s AI-themed wallpapers

The original Windows 11 wallpaper features cool shades of blue and purple with hints of pink and orange, while the Copilot-themed wallpaper expands the color range.
Hands-on with Windows 11's ChatGPT-based Copy-Paste feature

Hands-on with Windows 11’s ChatGPT-based advanced Copy-Paste feature

Advanced Paste tool in PowerToys is an AI-powered tool to convert the copied chunk of code into a different programming language.
Windows 11 Recall without NPU

Dev runs Windows 11 Recall on unsupported no-NPU PC, but x64 AI models missing

During the Windows event on May 20, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11's Recall AI feature is exclusive to NPU-powered PCs with up to 40 TOPs (trillion operations per second). Is the NPU chip necessary for Recall? The latest experiment seems to suggest otherwise.

Microsoft reminds everyone: It’s time to move on from Windows 10

Microsoft updated its official support page, which details the end of support for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. It is a well-crafted web page that informs you about the caveats of not upgrading and how it can impact your system's security.

Microsoft Edge on Android tests “Extension v2” with more desktop extensions

Microsoft is working to bring browser extensions to mobile devices. If you have an Android phone, you can install the stable version of Microsoft Edge and enable experimental extensions support from Edge://flags. If you're looking for more extensions, use Edge Canary.

Hands on with Windows 11 Recall AI: Snappy performance, works without internet

During the Build 2024 developer conference, Windows Latest tested the Windows 11 Recall AI integration on a Surface Laptop 7th edition unit. The overall performance was snappy with no visible lags. We also tested the privacy settings.
Windows 11 24H2 support document

Windows 11 24H2 is now more stable and closer to launch

Windows 11 24H2 (Build 26100.712) is available for Release Preview users, which is just one step before the build is released publicly. It adds TAR and 7zip compression, Wi-Fi 7 and BLE support, Sudo, and more.
new copilot app in windows 11 looks a lot like chatgpt

Microsoft rolls out new Copilot app on Windows 11, and it looks a lot...

Microsoft shows off new Copilot app for Windows 11, and it looks a lot like ChatGPT but integrates a new LLM model and can share screen.
Copilot+ PCs explained

What are Windows 11 Copilot Plus PCs: features, release date explained

Microsoft's Build 2024 conference started with the most surprising reveal – Copilot+ PCs. But what are Copilot Plus PCs, its advanced AI features, hardware requirements, pricing, and other quirks?