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Microsoft Edge for Linux

Microsoft Edge for Linux is now one step closer to stable release

Microsoft Edge for Linux is set to launch in the stable channel later this year. Ahead of the big announcement, a beta version of the browser is now available for download. If...
Microsoft Edge reserve search feature

Microsoft Edge is getting a new sidebar to reverse search images on Bing

If you browse the web frequently, especially social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, you're likely to come across an image that you want to know a bit more about. Chrome,...
Surface Duo black screen

Microsoft Surface Duo black screen issue flares up after April 2021 update

After being in development for nearly three years and several delays, Microsoft's highly-anticipated dual-screen phone Surface Duo was released last year. However, rampant issues with Surface Duo were reported last year,...
Microsoft Teams automatic recording

Microsoft Teams is finally getting automatic meeting recording

The Microsoft Teams desktop app has been working on meeting improvements for some time now with helpful features like new mute controls live in several regions. Now, Microsoft is preparing an...
Microsoft Edge flyout menu

Microsoft Edge will soon make it way easier to manage flyout menus

Managing the flyout menu for downloads, history and favourites is about to get a whole easier in Microsoft Edge. In the Canary channel, Microsoft has started testing new controls for the...
Microsoft Teams mute controls

Microsoft Teams is getting new mute controls, calling experience

Microsoft Teams is getting new features in the latest update. The first new addition is improved mute controls that will give presenters/organizers greater control over who is able to speak during...
Microsoft Edge Office Viewer

Edge for Windows 10, macOS is finally getting Microsoft Office integration

Yesterday, Microsoft Edge version 92 started rolling out to testers in the Dev Channel and it comes with two new undocumented features - Officer Viewer and Windows Search integration. The two...
Microsoft Teams refreshing bug

Microsoft Teams users reporting screen refreshing issue on Android

A new update to the Microsoft Authenticator app and Intune Company Portal has brought a frustrating "refreshing" or display flicker bug, according to various reports. Users are reporting that they're unable...
Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office suite is getting a new default font

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it plans to replace Calibri as the default font in the Office suite. As you may be aware, Microsoft Office products currently use Calibri by default. There are...
Windows 10 Task Manager update

Windows 10 Task Manager is getting Microsoft Edge integration

If you use Task Manager frequently, you may have noticed a long list of web browser-related processors. Like Google Chrome and other modern browsers, Microsoft Edge employs a multi-process architecture, which...

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