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In this section of the website, we cover topics like Bing Chat AI, which stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Bing Chat AI, also known as Copilot, brings creative and detailed solutions and interactions to all Microsoft products.

On this side of Windows Latest, we also cover exclusive information about Microsoft Edge. We’ve in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Edge’s existing features like Collections, Vertical Tabs, and immersive reading options, and upcoming features like the built-in Edge Secure Network.

Like Microsoft, we’re also committed to covering its apps and services for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

Our coverage includes updates, tips, and tricks to help you make the most out of Microsoft products.

Copilot Pro for Windows 11

Microsoft makes Copilot Pro less appealing, ditches ChatGPT’s GPT Builder

Microsoft is removing GPT Builder, also known as Copilot GPTs, from Copilot Pro, making the $20 subscription less appealing for users. Copilot Pro subscribers will no longer be able to create their own Copilot GPTs using documents, external or internal sources, and custom instructions.
Microsoft Edge 125 improves Workspaces appearance, copy-paste features

Bing will create AI-generated Workspaces in Microsoft Edge for Windows 11

Microsoft Edge will soon use AI to create a new Workspace with multiple tabs related to the users search query. It currently works with a limited set of search queries.
Microsoft Edge 125 improves Workspaces appearance, copy-paste features

Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 will use AI for suggesting sites

Microsoft Edge is filled up to the brim with AI features. But the Redmond giant wants to improve your website suggestions in Edge using AI.

Microsoft SwiftKey Android’s Bing Deep Search sends you away from Google

SwiftKey for Android has received an update enabling "Bing Deep Search", utilizing ChatGPT-4 to enhance search results. Microsoft is also rolling out a new update for Launcher on Android that adds full-fledged Copilot web view.
Microsoft Copilot Bot for Telegram

After Windows 11, Copilot is coming to messaging apps, starting with Telegram

Would you use Copilot if Microsoft started integrating it into messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Messenger? Microsoft seems to think so.

Microsoft Edge on Android tests “Extension v2” with more desktop extensions

Microsoft is working to bring browser extensions to mobile devices. If you have an Android phone, you can install the stable version of Microsoft Edge and enable experimental extensions support from Edge://flags. If you're looking for more extensions, use Edge Canary.
Microsoft Edge 125 improves Workspaces appearance, copy-paste features

Microsoft Edge 125 on Windows improves Workspaces, copy-paste features

Microsoft Edge 125 improves Workspaces appearance, copy-paste features and adds QR code generator and Designer image edit policies. Microsoft Defender Application Guard extension and its Microsoft Store app are deprecated.
Microsoft Edge is getting built-in AI to customize its appearance

Microsoft Edge is getting a built-in AI theme creator on Windows 11, Windows 10

The upcoming Edge feature will be called AI theme generator. It will allow you to create a new theme using text prompts and generate a series of images that will be applied as browser themes.

Microsoft Copilot rolls out deeper Android integration on Windows 11, Windows 10

Microsoft recently added the Phone plugin to Copilot web to improve Android phone integration with Windows. It can show phone numbers of a contact but cannot send texts or make calls at the moment.
Microsoft Edge will use ChatGPT to help you fill out your forms

Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 will use ChatGPT to help you fill out forms

Edge Canary build has a "msEdgeAutofillUseGPTForAISuggestions" that hints at GPT-powered suggestions while filling out a form in Edge.

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