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In this section of the website, we cover topics like Bing Chat AI, which stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Bing Chat AI, also known as Copilot, brings creative and detailed solutions and interactions to all Microsoft products.

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Xbox Gaming AI

Microsoft expands Gaming AI team to advance AI innovations on Xbox after Windows

Microsoft wants AI everywhere and has already added AI features to its products, including Windows and Office. In August 2023, Windows Latest spotted job listings for "Gaming AI" on Microsoft's career...
Microsoft Edge is getting new AI features and magnifying images

Microsoft Edge is getting new AI features and magnifying images on Windows

Microsoft Edge gets "Magnify image" feature to improve zoom experience and is testing MIcrosoft Designer and Notebook AI options in Canary. However, you need to change the startup type of Edge to enable the two new features.
Microsoft Excel with Copilot

Microsoft says it’s hopeful Copilot will be a moneymaker in the long run

Microsoft is heavily promoting Copilot, whether it's for use on Windows or within Microsoft 365. While it has many potential applications, considering its overall feature set, you may need to carefully consider whether it's worth spending $30 per user per month.
Microsoft Edge to completely ditch built-in PDF for Adobe in 2025

Microsoft Edge to completely ditch built-in PDF engine for Adobe in 2025

A new announcement by Microsoft reveals that the removal date of the old PDF engine is extended to early 2025. Moreover, the commercial rollout for adding the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine to Microsoft Edge has been shifted to mid-summer 2024.
Surface Duo

Microsoft patents a new Surface phone with single spine folding tech

Microsoft does not seem to be working on the Surface Duo 3, but the company is not stopping its research for the next-generation of foldable or dual-screen mobile devices. On February 29, the USPTO published a new patent titled "Foldable computing device spine cover plate".

Benchmarks: Surface Laptop 6 with Ultra 5 135H, Surface Pro 10 with Ultra 5...

Leaked benchmarks have recently surfaced online, revealing new details about the upcoming Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10. According to the benchmarks, the Surface Laptop 6 will be equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 5 135H processor with 14 cores, 8GB RAM. The Surface Pro 10 will feature a Core Ultra 5 135U processor with 12 cores.
Microsoft Rewards gift card pricing changes

Microsoft responds to Rewards gift card redemption price changes complaints

Some of you may have noticed that Microsoft has made changes to the number of Microsoft Rewards points required to exchange for a Microsoft Gift Card. The amount of points needed for redemption may have increased up to 30% in some regions and for some accounts.
Microsoft Copilot Custom GPT creator feature

Hands on: Microsoft Copilot now lets you create your own custom GPTs

Microsoft Copilot has recently introduced a new feature called "Create Copilot GPTs" for its Copilot Pro subscribers. This feature, which is currently being rolled out to some users, enables them to make their own custom GPTs in just a few minutes.
Microsoft Edge crashes out of memory error

Microsoft confirms it accidentally broke Edge on Windows, but a fix is now rolling...

Microsoft has acknowledged that there is an issue causing Microsoft Edge 122 to crash on Windows when running out of memory error. The company has confirmed that the fix for this issue will be included in the next version, which is 122.0.2365.66.
Microsoft Edge 122 sidebar

Microsoft Edge 122 finally lets you hide the Sidebar button

Microsoft Edge 122 has been released with various updates, but one significant change is that users can now hide the Sidebar button. In recent updates, Microsoft Edge moved the three dots menu to accommodate the "Sidebar."

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