A Surface Phone concept (Image Courtesy: Behance.net).

Everything in universe will die eventually. Microsoft finally confirmed the death of the Windows Phone by not including it in the 10Q SEC filing. And last week we also seen a report that the investors have no more interest in the Windows Phone devices. Additionally, Microsoft rolled out the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update to only 14 devices.

But the questions are: Will Microsoft ever come back in Mobile business? That’s all for the Windows Phone business? Will we ever see mysterious the Surface Phone? If so will Surface Phone able to save Microsoft’s Mobile falling business?

Since Microsoft already stopped the production of the Lumia last year. Though they continued to develop the Windows 10 Mobile OS. So just like every Windows Phone users, I also thought that Microsoft soon bring new hardware for the Windows 10 Mobile, maybe via OEMs or refurbishing the Lumia projects or introducing the Surface Phone or maybe something else. But that didn’t happened.

Later on, at October 2016 event, where Microsoft introduced the Creators Update, they also demonstrated the many new exciting features for the Windows 10 Mobile such as Scan3D which are expected to come with the Creators Update. But the Creators Update already rolling out and there is no sign of those features. Those features are ditched in the alpha ring.

But the point is Will bringing those features and many more with all new hardware let say Surface Phone make any sense? Will they survive the falling Windows 10 Mobile business by doing this?

I say “maybe, but not so sure.” If Microsoft ever want to comeback in to the Mobile business then it surely take huge amount of efforts. Many big application developer might stop their app support for the Windows platform. However they can boost up the process with the help of the UWP apps. But still.

What we expect?

Image Courtesy: Behance.net

We are expecting that partnership with the Qualcomm might Microsoft might bring the new cellular capable device or called the “Cellular PC“. These Cellular device (PC, tablet, “NOT mobile”) from Microsoft and their partners will have cellular capability. Company is planning to help customers so that they can easily buy data directly from the Windows Store. And user can use it as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, consume data, and also can manage costs. Basically the Windows Store will host these data plans, so user can easily purchase it and manage usage of it.

Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar said in an interview that the 5-6 inch touch screen device is not the future of the Mobile technology. And just a couple of week ago Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said that 2-1 category device is the future technology, which we will soon bring to the market. We’ve the vision of the ultimate-mobile-device.

So the bottom line is, Microsoft can still save the falling Windows 10 Mobile business by introducing series of new Windows 10 Mobile hardware maybe Surface Phone. It’s not too late. (I believe).

But for now all eyes set for tomorrow’s #MicrosoftEDU event, where company will announce the Windows 10 Cloud along with new hardware. Stay tune to Windows Latest for more updates. And do let us know your point of view in a comment below.

  • Besnik Rrustemi

    Yes, im sure that Microsoft releasing a Surface Phone will make a huge difference on the situation.
    Simply because of these two reasons:
    1. We have a premium device from their surface line-up and its their device after-all and that`s a trust/security factor to users, the moment they release it i know that they will support the platform and continue to work on it. so in short words it will solve the people dilema for the platform future – that it will live and improve and im sure it will be able to reach a good point after 3-4 years, they don`t need to rush on that.

    2.Developers – It will be a trust/security factor for them to develop apps, why would they build apps now while they don`t know for sure what will Microsoft do with its own platform.
    If they release the Surface Phone im sure that even the apps situation will start to improve much faster than it ever did.

    Surface Phone is the Immortality ticket for Windows 10 Mobile, the lifetime membership decision from Microsoft and the Device that will change the current situation.
    It`s a the Approval of Commitment to the platform, dev`s won`t worry about working for nothing anymore, buyer`s will know that it`s their own device and it will be supported longer.

    i will personally buy it the moment they release it, no matter the app situation or platform current features/stability.
    i want one platform for all my device line-up (PC/Laptop/Smartphone)
    1 email account,1 cloud drive etc,all of them synchronized.

  • Bespin

    Surface Pocket LTE is gong to KA so tired of Android and iOS BS… you should be too.