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Surface Phone

Microsoft should hurry up and release the Surface Phone soon

2017 has been arguably one of the best years for the smartphone market. Apple introduced the iPhone X, revolutionizing it's market. We got the beautiful Galaxy S8 and Note 8 from...

With Nokia back with it’s new flagship, should you jump the ship?

Let's face it, Nokia popularized Windows Phones with their Lumia lineup. Then came a time, when Microsoft purchased Nokia, screwed up the phone business and destroyed the legacy of what was...
Windows Phone note taking apps

Textnotes, one of the best Windows Phone note taking apps

Windows Store has a serious shortage of apps but that doesn't mean you don't get the basic necessary ones. There are a dearth of music players, browsers and other productivity apps....
Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update: What we know so far

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update is the next update coming to your Windows Phone. The Windows Insiders have been already testing the preview updates on Windows 10 Mobile. The update...
Windows 10 Mobile

The next Windows 10 Mobile update is going to be a boring one

It's no big secret that the current state of Windows Phone is pathetic. The user-base has almost become 0, apps are dropping from the store every month and to top it...

Why you shouldn’t buy a Windows Phone at this time

Windows 10 Mobile operating system is right now in its worst possible situation because neither Microsoft is expressing anything regarding their future nor developers of popular services are keeping their apps...

5 Windows 10 Mobile features we want from Microsoft

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Mobile operating system is getting updates every month with improvements and fixes. Windows 10 Mobile is the successor to Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft still support the...

Everything you need to know about CShell in Windows 10

There's a lot of talk going around about Microsoft's next paradigm shift in the mobile world. Whispers of the mythical Surface Phone is floating around and some rumour or the other...

Microsoft’s new mobile strategy is to focus on Android and iOS, but what about...

Microsoft has revealed the future plans of its mobile business at Build 2017 Developer Conference. Microsoft has indirectly confirmed that the company has no plan to focus on Windows Phone by...

Will the Surface Phone able to save Microsoft’s falling mobile business?

Everything in universe will die eventually. Microsoft finally confirmed the death of the Windows Phone by not including it in theĀ 10Q SEC filing. And last week we also seen a report...

Windows 11

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