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The Redmond Giant is looking to step away from the Phones completely. It is believed now that the company might be targeting June which is the end of this quarter as the month to wind down its Mobile Operating System.

Paul Thurrott in a tweet recently confirmed that the company is looking to wind down its phone business by end of the current fiscal year which would mean that the company will be ending the business at the end of June 2017.

Mary Jo Foley confirmed the words of Paul Thurott in a Tweet adding that according to Microsoft’s GM Investor relations Chris Suh the company is effectively having no revenue in the phone segment.

The above statements prove the fact right since Microsoft has currently put the development of Windows 10 Mobile in Maintenance Mode. Even though Microsoft promised that it will continue to invest in the Platform and will be launching Redstone 3 at the end of September for Mobile Phones.

Since Microsoft already trimmed the supported list of devices that will receive Windows 10 Creators Update to only 13 sighting compatibility as one of the reasons, would prove that the company by the end of September will end up with less than 10 phones or even more which would actually receive Redstone 3.

The company however currently remains tight lipped when asked about the future of Windows Phone there is no doubt that the company is slowly moving towards the end of Windows Phones.

We @Windows Latest will be keeping an eye on the developments that will happen by end of this quarter and will be letting our users know about it from time to time, but don’t expect any good news coming out of the company’s headquarters in couple of month time.

  • pege63

    So the CEO for MS Europe in France was right when he said last summer, that there will be no more WP period the end.

  • 000

    I think that Windows mobile will be dismissed in favor of WoA that could be used in dualbooth on android devices for people that need performance software on high mobility devices. They was correct when talks about professional customer. No problem for me!

  • Atley

    Clickbait garbage.

    Of course Windows Phone is dead in June, that’s the 8.1 version of Microsoft’s mobile device strategy, which was replaced by Windows Mobile.

    In or about June this year, Microsoft will drop the NAME Mobile from it’s Windows lineup of products and all devices will simply be running Windows, all running the same version, the same level of performance and compatibility.

    The strategy of only having 13 different models being supported for the latest (and last) versions of Windows Mobile (with features and capabilities different than regular Windows) helps to lessen the blow when, due to the hardware requirements to run full Windows on a mobile device, these devices (all at least two year old models at that time, the reasonable, industry standard time length of support for a mobile device to get new versions of a OS) will not be able to get this full version of Windows. This strategy also outlines and bookends the ‘retrenchment’ from phones announced two years ago (there is that time period again).

    Windows on mobile devices is alive and well. Microsoft’s own health depends on this strategy and Microsoft has always excelled at the long game.

    • Mastrace

      Very well explained!