Leaked images of cancelled Lumia 2020 appears online

Microsoft-Nokia were working on yet another Windows RT tablet under the Lumia brand, called Lumia 2020. After Microsoft discontinued the production of Surface 2, the company later also stopped producing the...

Microsoft Lumia is officially dead; Microsoft shuts down the Lumia YouTube channel

Owned by Microsoft and previously Nokia, Lumia is a range of smartphones with Windows Phone operating system. Introduced in November 2011 in a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, the Lumia line...

Microsoft finally gives up on Lumia in the US; first party Windows Phones not...

Windows Phone may not be dead but Microsoft has finally given on Lumia lineup in the US. The Microsoft Lumia 735 has been the only first-party Windows Phone the company was...

Dona Sarkar says fix for Microsoft Band sync problem is coming

Microsoft Band users have been reporting about the syncing issues. Microsoft Band's mobile app that is used to sync with the Microsoft Health server is currently experiencing problems. A German site recently confirmed...

Even more real life images of Lumia 960 prototype leaked online

Lumia 960 was supposed to be Lumia 950's successor but Microsoft cancelled the device along with Lumia 750, 850. The Lumia 950 had many flaws and it was criticized by the...
Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update features

All unlocked Lumias have been removed from the Microsoft US Store

We all know about the retrenchment strategy of Microsoft's phone business that CEO Satya Nadella has stated a couple of years back. After that Microsoft first released few unreleased Lumia in...
Lumia 650 - Windows Phone

All Lumia Handsets currently out of Stock in Microsoft Store

We had earlier reported that Microsoft had sold out all of its Lumia on its Online Store. However the Lumia were back in stock a week later with a decent amount...
Lumia 960 Specifications

Lumia 960 specifications and design revealed in new leaked images

Microsoft's Lumia 960 was supposed to be the successor of Lumia 950. However, Microsoft cancelled the smartphone as they decided to retrench its mobile efforts. Not only the Lumia 960, Microsoft also cancelled...
Microsoft Lumia 960

Microsoft’s Lumia 960 premium design revealed in leaked images

Microsoft Lumia 960 would have been the Lumia 950's successor if Microsoft wished. Microsoft's Lumia 950 was a cheap looking device with outdated specifications. Microsoft was supposed to launch a updated version...
Lumia 950

Leaked video reveals Microsoft’s original vision for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft's mobile efforts concerning Windows 10 are in a questionable state right now. With no new devices, no new OS features and meh attitude from the employees, Windows Phone seems dead now. The...

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