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Owned by Microsoft and previously Nokia, Lumia is a range of smartphones with Windows Phone operating system. Introduced in November 2011 in a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, the Lumia line was for increasing the reach of Windows Phone operating system.

Microsoft Lumia technically didn’t really fail. Microsoft didn’t try nearly as hard they did with their other products such as Windows. The Lumia phones aren’t worse than the competitors’ products. If Microsoft had invested time and money to promote Lumia, it would have been a successful brand. Both Nokia and Microsoft committed common marketing strategy mistake, the drop in sales is primarily driven by Microsoft’s lack of new Lumia devices.

Today, a Redditor spotted that Microsoft Lumia official YouTube channel has been shut down. It is not surprising as Microsoft has given up on the Lumia lineup and the company is already working on a new mobile device under the Surface brand.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that Lumia is dead but if we take the inactivity of Lumia social accounts and today’s closure of the YouTube channel into consideration, the Lumia lineup does seem to be dead.

Windows Phone YouTube channel is inactive but it hasn’t been closed yet. It, after all, makes sense as Microsoft will rebrand the Windows Phone YouTube channel to something else when the Surface Phone launches.

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