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Lumia 960 was supposed to be Lumia 950’s successor but Microsoft cancelled the device along with Lumia 750, 850. The Lumia 950 had many flaws and it was criticized by the tech reviewers. Although, the Lumia 960 looks like a premium device because of the aluminum unibody. The recent leaks revealed how Microsoft’s successor to Lumia 950 flagship phone could’ve looked like.

Last we saw leak images of Microsoft Lumia 960 on a Chinese website. The specifications of the device was also revealed. Today, yet another set of the images have been leaked on a Chinese website that reveals the complete design of Lumia 960. The new Lumia 960 prototype images reveal a aluminum body.

The leaked images only show the back of the phone and it seems the display of the prototype is missing. Although, the front panel of the phone was leaked earlier. The phone features a 20MP rear camera and a triple LED flash. The device would have had a Iris Scanner, 5.5-inch display with 2K resolution, 4GB of RAM. It would have been equipped with a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820.

Microsoft hasn’t given up on Windows Phone. The Redmond giant is planning for a Windows Phone reboot with a new hardware but nothing is real yet. Windows 10 Mobile will receive major improvements with CShell. The company is actually working on Windows 10 OS for Mobiles with scaled UX. It will be done with new CShell, an ‘adaptive shell’ that scale Windows 10 to any form depending on the screen size of the device.

Do you think the Lumia 960 could’ve saved the Microsoft’s mobile business?

  • maratt

    Damn looks beautiful

  • Haat Fook

    Windows Phone didn’t die because of hardware. It died because there were no apps to use with the phone. No Nest app, no WeMo, so WP is not an option for smart home owners. No Chase and for a while no BofA, so mobile banking is not available. Amazon pull app from search so no online shopping. So you have this awesome phone with a million gigs of ram, SnapDragon 5000
    ,10 led’s and and 100 megapixel camera, DNA and Iris scanner for security, but all you can do is take pictures and make phone calls.

    • Keith Gable

      > mobile banking is not available

      Both my credit unions and all of my credit card websites work just fine. The websites also work just fine on Android and iOS. Why do I need to install an app for something that works fine as a website?

      > No Nest app, no WeMo

      If these devices can be controlled via a mobile website, this seems fine. And if they can’t, why would anyone want a device that can only be controlled via an app? What if you’re on your PC and need to change a scene or something? I side with Techmoan on this – it’s silly to have a “smart plug” or any other such device that cannot be controlled except through an app. These devices need some sort of human interface that can be operated without preexisting knowledge of what technology the devices use. Techmoan uses an Echo Dot for this, but they also make control panels (at least in professional settings). Indeed, the Nest also has a control panel because nobody wants their phone to be charged to make it cooler/warmer.

      > no online shopping continues to work just fine. The only thing I miss from the Amazon app is the barcode scanner, but since there is no Amazon Smile app for any platform, I always found myself hitting the browser to browse Amazon on every platform. Which again, Windows excels at.

      There are legitimate complaints about the app situation on Windows. I’m not sure that “not taking up space on my device to perform a function I can perform equally well in Edge” counts.

    • Why bother having a mobile banking app when you can do it via the Edge browser in ‘Desktop version’ mode?

      After all, you can have all the same features as you would found when browsing the website from your desktop or laptop monitor. Not all features can be transferred to the app.