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Windows Phone's Leaks & Rumors

In this page you will get leaks about Microsoft software and hardware.

Windows 10 Insider build 16212 contains new working Control Center

Yesterday, Microsoft had released a new build accidentally for Windows 10 PCs build 16212 to user enrolled in any windows insider ring.  Interestingly,  twitter user Rafael Rivera was able to check...
Microsoft Lumia 960

Microsoft’s Lumia 960 premium design revealed in leaked images

Microsoft Lumia 960 would have been the Lumia 950's successor if Microsoft wished. Microsoft's Lumia 950 was a cheap looking device with outdated specifications. Microsoft was supposed to launch a updated version...
Lumia 950

Leaked video reveals Microsoft’s original vision for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft's mobile efforts concerning Windows 10 are in a questionable state right now. With no new devices, no new OS features and meh attitude from the employees, Windows Phone seems dead now. The...

Canceled Lumia Windows Phone Device with Physical Keyboard surfaced online

Microsoft and Nokia were working on many Windows Phone devices but the company had to cancel them. Microsoft and Nokia seemed to be working on yet another interesting device running on Windows...
Surface Phone

Surface Phone: Everything we know so far

The mythical device- no seriously, talking about Surface phone is the tech equivalent of talking about unicorns- both of them technically never existed; however the only difference between the two is...

A Windows 10 Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 may be in the...

Windows 10 Mobile may have lost its consumer centric focus, but it is not dead yet. With the release of a new mobile build today, Microsoft has again reaffirmed that they're not...
Surface Phone

Could this be the Surface Phone? Microsoft patents another foldable mobile device

Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone for a while now. The recent report has suggested that the company has postponed Surface Phone launch to 2018. The Microsoft Surface Phone is a...

More leaks reveal the Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet

Samsung seems to have taken their Windows 10 ventures a few more steps ahead as more details of the upcoming devices leak. MSPU has gotten hands on an app on the Windows Store...

Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 coming to Europe soon

Alcatel is one of those OEMs who make Windows Phones and pretty decent ones too. Their latest offering, the flagship Idol 4S is really a beast of a phone. Sadly it...

Windows 10 variant of Nokia’s flagship smartphone on the way?

Nokia seems to be working on a flagship smartphone for a while now. Nokia 6 is so far a successful smartphone in China. However, there has been no report on a...

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