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Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update

Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.530 is now available with improvements

Microsoft has stopped developing features for Windows 10 Mobile but the company's mobile platform is still getting more security patches more than the majority of Android devices. Windows 10 Mobile Build 15254.530 is...
Windows 10 Phone

Windows 10 Mobile version 1809 gets mentioned in Bluetooth SIG but it means nothing

Despite Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile being all-but discontinued, a new version of mobile platform has been mentioned in Bluetooth SIG. The Bluetooth SIG page suggests that there's a Windows 10 Mobile version 1809...
Windows Phone Internals Tool

Windows Phone Internals updated with support for latest Windows 10 Mobile builds

The Windows Phone aficionados might remember Windows Phone Internals Tool by XDA developer that allowed users with Lumia handset to flash custom ROMs and unlock the bootloader. For those unfamiliar with Windows...
RBS Windows Phone app

The Royal Bank of Scotland to discontinue their Windows Phone app

Another day, another big name leaving the Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store). The Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the largest and popular Bank in Scotland, is leaving Windows Phone. Royal...
Windows Core OS CShell

Another LinkedIn profile confirms Microsoft’s modular Windows Core OS

Microsoft is reportedly working on a modular platform codenamed Windows Core OS. Last month, a Microsoft job posting revealed additional details of Microsoft's modular OS. Today, a LinkedIn profile has surfaced...
Fitbit for Windows 10 Mobile

Fitbit updates its Windows 10 Mobile app with fix for crashing bug

Earlier this week, Fitbit confirmed that their Windows 10 app is broken on Windows Phones but the app was still functional on PCs and tablets. In addition to being broken on phones,...
Surface Phone folding hinge

Microsoft’s latest patent is about magnetic lock for foldable devices

Yesterday, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Microsoft that reveals a foldable dual-screen device featuring hinge and magnetic lock. The patent looks identical to the one...
Microsoft and Nokia CEO

Five years ago today, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s smartphone business

On 3rd September 2013, Microsoft announced that it would acquire Nokia's mobile device business in a deal totalling over €5.4 billion. The then-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer called the purchase a "bold...
Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10

Wileyfox’s Windows Phone adventure comes to an end

Wileyfox, a UK smartphone manufacturer that launched its Windows 10 Mobile handset called the Wileyfox Pro in 2018 is no selling the device. It looks like that the phone has run...
Surface Andromeda concept

Microsoft patents a dual-screen or mobile computing device with focus on bezel

The rumour has it that Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device running a modular operating system (Windows Core OS). The software maker is also working on other devices and the...

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