Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile
Image Courtesy: Recombu.com

We all know about the retrenchment strategy of Microsoft’s phone business that CEO Satya Nadella has stated a couple of years back. After that Microsoft first released few unreleased Lumia in the market , then we saw the production halt to the old Lumias which brought every Microsoft store with shortage of phones on store. It is said that done Microsoft will be able to completely sell their remaining handsets by the end of June.

So today Microsoft has removed the three of the four Lumia listings on the US Microsoft Store website. These were the unlocked Lumia 950, the AT&T variant of the 950, and the 950 XL. Which means now we have only Verizon’s Lumia 735 left in the US Store listing which itself is out of stock. There are other non-Lumia Windows phones like HP’s Elite x3 and Alcatel’s IDOL 4S which are the latest flagships for the windows 10 mobile which you can buy. The availability of these phones is also limited to only certain markets. While there are some lower-end devices Acer Liquid M330 which also are limited to only certain markets.

So it looks like that this is the end we all hoped not for the Windows 10 Mobile for consumers as Microsoft has already said it wont receive any new feature.

  • pege63

    Satya Nadella is going to sink the mobile program for MS

  • Chris Pitti

    I just bought a Lumia 950XL a couple weeks ago on Amazon… so far it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever had. The display dock and Continuum saved me one day when I was working remotely and my laptop died. Really hope that MSFT stays in/gets back into the mobile market.

  • Kj King

    Have had great results with the Lumias for last three years
    even the inexpensive ones are reliable

    • I know right. Budget Windows Phone/Mobile devices are miles better than budget Android, even with a dismal 1GB of RAM or less.