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Andromeda concept

Microsoft’s new patent shows off device with multi-part camera system

A new patent application suggests that Microsoft could be working on a device that will come with the multi-part camera system. According to the patent, the camera system will have a body...
Andromeda concept

Microsoft’s patent envisions foldable mobile device with haptic-based buttons

The rumours claim that Microsoft is working on a foldable or dual-screen device. While there’s still no confirmation from the company itself, a patent published last week shows that Microsoft's inventors...
Surface Andromeda

Another interesting Microsoft patent details dual-screen Windows 10 device

Last week, a bunch of new patents for Microsoft's foldable or dual-screen mobile devices were published on USPTO. The patents have revealed the ideas that Microsoft inventors have imagined for the...
Surface Andromeda concept

Microsoft patents dual screen device which can display 3D representations

There's yet another interesting patent application by Microsoft which appears to detail a foldable dual-screen mobile device with the focus entirely on emulation of 3D representations of the virtual object. Titled "MANIPULATING...
Concept of foldable device

Microsoft patents a dual screen computing device with advanced audio system

Microsoft is quite passionate about making an extraordinary foldable mobile device. The latest discovery shows that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the patent to Microsoft for a hinged computing...

Microsoft’s new patent shows off foldable mobile device with focus on camera

Microsoft has another patent for a mobile computing device featuring two displays and a hinge. The patent is titled "Image capture using a hinged device" and it shows off a foldable...
Surface Phone concept

Microsoft’s patent shows off apps running on dual screen Windows 10 device

Microsoft has patented yet another foldable mobile device that has two displays attached together with a hinge. Unlike other patents, this one shows off apps running on two displays. The number of...
Windows 10 on Lumia

Windows 10 Mobile November 2018 cumulative update is available

Windows 10 Mobile is in maintenance mode and Microsoft releases new cumulative updates every month to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Today, Microsoft released the November 2018 cumulative update for the...
Windows 10 Mobile Calendar app

Microsoft fixes broken Mail and Calendar app for Windows Phones

A couple of days ago, Microsoft rolled out an app update for Windows Phones that accidentally disabled the Mail and Calendar apps on some Lumia Windows 10 Mobile devices. According to...
Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft’s latest update breaks Mail app on Windows Phones

Microsoft is no longer developing new features for Windows Phones but there are many customers still using a Lumia handset. Microsoft pushes out new updates for Windows Phone apps almost every...

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