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Surface Pro hardware

Surface Pro 8 might come with Intel Core i7 1165G7 and 32GB RAM

We're still several months away from Microsoft's 2021 hardware event and Microsoft is staying tight-lipped about what's in the store for the Surface fans next year. Fortunately, there's no shortage of leaks...
Surface Duo multiple modes

Microsoft shows off the Surface Duo in multiple modes

Like any first-generation innovative form factor, Surface Duo is not perfect, but it does offer advantages over the Samsung Galaxy Fold and it's also believed to be more durable. The Surface...
Surface Duo tablet posture

Microsoft patents a foldable phone with metal frames and display cover

In August, Microsoft announced the availability and specs of the Surface Duo, its first dual-screen phone. While the idea of Surface Duo is impressive, some people hate the fact that it...
Microsoft Surface Duo phone

Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo gets a temporary price cut

Microsoft has quietly announced a huge price cut for its first foldable Android device - the Surface Duo. The Surface Duo, which is a book-like device with two displays and one...
Surface Pen with Surface Pro

Future Microsoft Surface Pen could have improved zero force activation

Microsoft is exploring new Surface Pen technology that could allow the stylus to quickly switch to inking mode using "zero force activation” feature. This claim is based on a patent application published...
Surface Duo buggy software

Microsoft is finally taking steps to fix Surface Duo’s buggy software

After the launch of the Surface Duo phone, Microsoft has officially become an Android hardware maker. Surface Duo is Microsoft's first Android phone and Microsoft is fully committed to following Google's...
Surface Duo mobile device

Surface Duo is reportedly affected by multiple design problems

Microsoft has been working on a dual-screen or foldable device for a quite long time and Courier was the first attempt at redefining productivity. Last month, Microsoft finally launched the Courier-like Surface...
Surface Duo software

Surface Duo update rolls out with important fixes for software

Microsoft's take on foldable phone form factor utilizes dual-screen design to offer a truly productivity-focused experience. The excellent hardware quality is clearly visible and apparent in most cases, and reviewers have...
Surface Duo call drop

Microsoft’s Surface Duo owners are reporting call drop issue

Reports are popping up all over the Microsoft community forum from people having weak signals and call drops problem with their expensive Surface Duo phone. The problem has been widely reported...
Surface Neo delayed

Microsoft’s latest move suggests Surface Neo could be very far away

On October 2, 2019, Microsoft announced four new Surface products - Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Duo, and Surface Neo. While Surface Pro, Laptop, and Duo are now available...

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