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The rumors may have killed Windows Phone but Microsoft is not in mood to give up on Windows Mobile. We all know the bitter truth of how Microsoft failed with Windows Phone 8 and killed the beauty of the operating system with Windows 10 Mobile. Although, the company is now planning to reboot Windows Mobile with a new hardware and updated software.

Now as per the new report on, Microsoft plans to reboot mobile with a new software and hardware. You will be holding a Windows Mobile Device from Microsoft in almost one year. The Redmond giant is internally testing a new hardware device with updated Windows Mobile operating system.

New Windows Mobile Experience 

Microsoft is also planning to revamp the Windows Mobile experience. The updated interface is being tested internally as well. The UI of the new operating system would be different than Windows 10 Mobile.

The new device will able to run the universal Windows apps and provide a new experience which Microsoft failed to do with Windows 10 Mobile. Furthermore, Microsoft is also planning to kill the support for older apps and games made for Windows Phone 8. The apps designed for previous operating system will not be able to run on updated version of Windows Mobile. Apparently, Microsoft wants to provide better Windows experience on phones with Windows Mobile reboot.

The device could be released within a year if it receives good reviews internally. The release date and specifications remain to be seen.

Recently, Microsoft’s CEO hinted that the future models of Microsoft’s smartphones is going to be completely different from the phones available in the market. Furthermore, Joe Belfiore confirmed that Microsoft is not giving up on Windows Phone. Do you think Microsoft will able to reboot Windows Mobile or is it too late?

  • sniperboy

    I got my wife and Android and I really don’t enjoy the experience. I’m standing pat with my 640 until MS releases this new iteration.

  • გოგიტა კუპატაძე

    Different OS?
    I hope it will available for lumia 9xx :)

    • charlesdjones1

      Microsoft needs to rebrand it’s mobile OS altogether, break away from ANYTHING Windows related. You mention the name of your OS when people see your Lumia, you almost always get a big “oh”, or some kind of knee jerk reaction when you say it Windows. People associate Windows with slow, buggy, 90s technology that will ruin their productivity and need resetting every other day and constant care. Give it a cool name like SurfaceOS, FusionOS, something that is fresh, sounds cool, will catch on with teenagers primarily first, then give it a fresh new look, then getting the top 100 apps won’t be such a far fetched idea.

      • Nerdy Woman

        You may associate Windows with 90s tech, but everyone who isn’t among the Apple sheeple knows that Windows is not the same as it was 20 years ago.

        Microsoft did what every company should do – they set up several channels for user input and feedback, publicized those channels, and actually listened to their users instead of telling users what they want and need. Windows 10 is a success although it may take some time for users and devs to wrap their heads around the idea of the universal platform and variants of ONE OS for all their devices instead of one OS for phones and tablets, a completely different OS for laptops and desktops, and still a third OS for game consoles and entertainment devices.

        And Charles, if you haven’t been paying attention, Microsoft is not catering to the teenagers and they don’t plan to target consumers with their mobile devices. Enterprise is where the money is. IT managers need MDM baked in; their field staff and remote workers need power and portability. Many companies are rethinking the high cost of BYOD. They need to control device security. Microsoft’s roadmap is to make mobile devices that are purchased by the 10s and 100s, not intending to compete for space and attention at Target and WalMart.

        • charlesdjones1

          I’m a loyal Microsoft supporter, I have been dedicated to the mobile push since Windows Phone 7 launched, but their approach has failed and consumers never supported WP and neither has enterprise. One core only works if people are buying your hardware, it doesn’t take a nerd to do that math. If you honestly believe Nadella is going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a new device push, which by his own claim, is state of the art tech, to sell “10” at a time to businesses, you’re simply wrong. You have to win hearts and minds, Android and iOS do both of those very well, but launching another “1020” hero device with Windows Mobile branding is a proven formula for a disaster, that was all I was getting at. One core still works just fine with a different interface and fresh labeling, nothing wrong with a new approach in my mind.

  • Roger Nereng

    They will manage,with New hardware and specs.and diferent than other Phones!

  • Tricklee

    I have an Alcatel idol 4s. .. I’m fine with upgrading

  • pege63

    As long they dont make a OS that you can install on your own MP no mather wath model it will NOT be any success!

  • Nerdy Woman

    This sounds good, but I think that Win 10 Mobile, as it exists today, was a necessary stepping stone. Almost all Win Phone 8 apps that have been maintained by their developers have been upgraded to Win 10 Mobile, with backward compatibility. It’s all good provided Microsoft doesn’t orphan the Win 10 Mobile apps (most of which also work on Win 10 desktop). If they do that, the Windows store will be starting all over again with empty shelves.

    I hope they don’t completely throw out the Win 10 Mobile UI. Since getting my first Win 8 phone in 2013 (a gorgeous red Lumia 920), I’ve found live tiles and folders to be extremely useful! If they relegate my start screen to a few dumb icons, I might as well use a dumb mobile OS like Android or iOS.

    • Ben A

      I think they will still have tile based UI but it will be evolved!

    • charlesdjones1

      Most people have settled for iOS and cloneOS, and rejected the tile interface (back in 2010). Microsoft had an opportunity early on to make good use of the extra real estate tiles provided by filtering in useful info from news, email, social apps, but that never happened, tiles have never provided anything useful for me overall in 7 years. Instead of adapting, improving, and acknowledging that people didn’t want tiles, at least in the state they’ve always been in, they just went forward and never really changed anything and bled out all of it’s user base on Mobile once Nadella took over.

  • fabian

    I hope it works out I like windows phone,Microsoft needs to promote it hard

  • charlesdjones1

    The loyal W10M fans should be rewarded with better builds than what we’re getting. Insider program for mobile is a joke these days, opting out after next build if they don’t fix the scroll of problems that have been there for months.

  • Microsoft should really get this reboot right. I have enough nightmare with Android, and I don’t want to go back to it!

  • Ahmed Hassan

    I’m using windows phone system since 2012 nokia 620 , first version of windows phone 8 was uncompleted and lacked action center menu, and lacked more featured and functions there on android ,and store has very limitation in apps that make apps miserable compare to android apps, beside ugly UI that is abstracted only 2 color black and white for themes preview , and also start menu color has only dozen colors,beside inconsistence live tile shape you see some transparent icons and other colored icons and general shape is inconsistence ,I’m not negate featured on windows 8 and 8.1 like performance and speed and that performance comes at the expense of beautiful UI , The windows phone designer has Reduce UI to 10 or more colors on UI, and that becomes ugly system with user interface, On the contrary windows phone 8.1 has new featured not seeing on android like double tap to to wake up device to save device buttons,and galance screen is new featured on WP, within other drawbacks on windows 8 and 8.1 (setting section) has more unarrangeable tabs and has lacked containder sections , the container sections and well arranged tabs come on windows 10 mobile ,until windows 10 every thing was good But unfortunately every cumulative update comes with minor bugs inside systems they try to fix some bugs and make new bugs , all that thins make WP user fans migrate to android and market share downgrade to 0.1 point all that thing Contribute to fail Windows phone system.