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The rumors may have killed Windows Phone but Microsoft is not in mood to give up on Windows Mobile. We all know the bitter truth of how Microsoft failed with Windows Phone 8 and killed the beauty of the operating system with Windows 10 Mobile. Although, the company is now planning to reboot Windows Mobile with a new hardware and updated software.

Now as per the new report on, Microsoft plans to reboot mobile with a new software and hardware. You will be holding a Windows Mobile Device from Microsoft in almost one year. The Redmond giant is internally testing a new hardware device with updated Windows Mobile operating system.

New Windows Mobile Experience 

Microsoft is also planning to revamp the Windows Mobile experience. The updated interface is being tested internally as well. The UI of the new operating system would be different than Windows 10 Mobile.

The new device will able to run the universal Windows apps and provide a new experience which Microsoft failed to do with Windows 10 Mobile. Furthermore, Microsoft is also planning to kill the support for older apps and games made for Windows Phone 8. The apps designed for previous operating system will not be able to run on updated version of Windows Mobile. Apparently, Microsoft wants to provide better Windows experience on phones with Windows Mobile reboot.

The device could be released within a year if it receives good reviews internally. The release date and specifications remain to be seen.

Recently, Microsoft’s CEO hinted that the future models of Microsoft’s smartphones is going to be completely different from the phones available in the market. Furthermore, Joe Belfiore confirmed that Microsoft is not giving up on Windows Phone. Do you think Microsoft will able to reboot Windows Mobile or is it too late?

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