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Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 10 is likely to get a new Start menu without live tiles

The glory days of live tiles, which was first introduced with metro-style Windows Phone 7, are over. By default, Start menu contains about two dozen live tiles that continuously pull information in...
Windows 10 phone

This is a Windows 10 phone that can run Android apps

Microsoft's mobile OS experiment ended in January 2020 and the last wave of Windows Mobile devices won't receive any more updates or patches with features or security improvements. While the journey of...
File Explorer

Microsoft plans to improve File Explorer on Windows 10

File Explorer is long due for a big update and it looks like Microsoft is finally working on improvements for Windows 10's built-in file manager. According to multiple LinkedIn job posts,...
Windows 10X hacked

Microsoft’s Windows 10 X gets ported to Apple MacBook

Microsoft has been promoting Windows 10 X as a tailor-made solution for a new class of foldable devices like the Surface Neo. While Microsoft has never publicly confirmed a laptop-optimized version...
Windows 10 X

Microsoft says most Win32 apps will work on Windows 10 X

On February 11, Microsoft shared more details of Windows 10 X for dual-screen and various third-party foldable devices. As rumoured for months, Windows 10 X won't be limited to Store apps...
Windows 10X

Microsoft reveals new feature of modular Windows 10 X

Microsoft has been working on a new operating system called Windows 10 X, and it's destined for use on dual-screen devices and even laptops. Microsoft is apparently looking to expand Windows...
Windows 10X featured

All the new features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 X

Windows 10 X is a new edition of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen devices and it's also coming to traditional laptops at some point. Windows 10 X will come with a...
Start menu concept

Microsoft’s innovative Windows 10 Core OS spotted again

Employees at Microsoft are updating their LinkedIn profiles to mention the tech giant's innovative Windows Core OS project. Last year, a LinkedIn job post revealed that Windows 10's new modular version...
Surface PC with Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates are still a big mess

Windows 10 updates continue a pretty embarrassing run for Microsoft and almost every new monthly or feature updates appear to break more things than they fix. In recent times, Windows 10...
Surface Duo Android phone

Hands-on with Microsoft’s Surface Duo Android phone UI

On October 2, 2019, Microsoft gave us a sneak peek of the Surface Duo, a dual-screen device and first smartphone since the ill-fated Windows Phone. Surface Duo runs a customized version...

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