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First look: Microsoft is adding ChatGPT AI to Notepad on Windows 11

Microsoft is cooking up a nifty addition to your favorite text-editing app, and it's all about AI. Think of it as having a mini-helper in your Notepad, ready to assist you as you type away.

You won’t be able to use WordPad in a future release of Windows 11

When you perform a clean install of Windows 11 Build 26020 or newer, available in the Canary channel, you will notice that WordPad is no longer pre-installed. Microsoft confirmed the feature cannot be reinstalled.

Dell hints at Windows 11’s new AI that automatically changes your settings, fixes bugs

Windows 11's next big update could be a game changer! Microsoft is taking the AI game to the next level with new Windows Copilot features that can automatically identify and fix app issues, suggest Wi-Fi settings, and much more.
Windows 10 File Explorer with December 2023 update

Microsoft reverts Windows 10’s File Explorer to pre-19H2 version, removes OneDrive search bar

Microsoft could be restoring the classic search bar in File Explorer for Windows 10. This change is rolling out with Windows 10's December 2023 Update (KB5033372), which restores the classic search without Microsoft 365 or OneDrive integration is back.
Windows 11 Advanced Settings for power users

Windows 11 is getting an ‘Advanced Settings’ panel for power users

Microsoft is working on a new "Advanced Settings" panel for Windows 11 via Dev Home, an app targeted towards developers. This new panel could enable greater control over File Explorer features, such as changing the full path settings, folder icon and more.
Windows 24H2 and Windows 12 rumours

Windows 24H2 spotted as Windows 12 is rumoured to launch in 2024

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows, codenamed "24H2". It could be either called Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12, as the decision depends on Microsoft's marketing team. At this point, Windows 12 branding seems unlikely, following the recent organizational changes.
Windows Update renames printers to HP

Windows Update accidentally renames all printers to HP M101-M106 on Windows 11, Windows 10

A recent Windows Update caused a metadata mix-up, leading to various printers being incorrectly identified and labeled as "HP LaserJet M101-M106" on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. This issue arose due to incorrect metadata details provided by HP.
Windows Copilot for everyone

Microsoft believes you’ll really need Copilot on Windows, so it’s adding it everywhere

Despite Microsoft's promotion of Copilot, there is skepticism about its utility, especially in its current form on Windows 10, where it lacks the functionality of a native app. Do you think Copilot is worth pinning to the desktop? Let's discuss.
Copilot on Windows 10 hands on

Hands on: This is Bing Chat-powered Copilot on Windows 10

Exclusive look at the upcoming Copilot for Windows 10. The new AI powered feature on Windows 10 uses Bing Chat and ChatGPT features, including
Windows Copilot on Windows 10

First look at ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Copilot for Windows 10, now in beta

Microsoft is introducing Windows Copilot, powered by Bing Chat and ChatGPT-4, to Windows 10 users. This feature, currently available in the Release Preview Channel, uses a combination of large language models, including GPT 3.5, GPT-4, and Microsoft's in-house models.

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