Windows 11 Advanced Settings for power users

Microsoft plans to add an “Advanced Settings” panel to Windows 11 via Dev Home. This new panel could give you greater control of the operating system’s built-in settings or behaviours, such as changing the appearance of the folder icon in File Explorer for tagged folders.

With the release of Windows 11 Moment 4, Microsoft brought many new additions to the OS in the form of app updates and latest feature additions. Many of the stock apps were updated, and new ones were added. One of these new additions was Dev Home, which is now getting a new “Advanced Settings” panel.

As we spotted on GitHub, Microsoft plans to add an “Advanced Settings” option in the Dev Home app. The new Settings page will be available to all users on Windows 11, and it will allow you to manage features like “Show file extensions”, “Show hidden and system files”, or “Show full path in title”.

Advanced Settings in Windows 11 Dev Home
Advanced Settings in Windows 11 Dev Home app

It’s already possible to turn these features on or off via File Explorer’s folder views or Registry, but you can soon manage every advanced setting of Windows 11 in one place in the Dev Home app.

Advanced Settings File Explorer options
Advanced Settings with File Explorer options

If you were unaware, Dev Home is a specialized sandboxed experience within Windows 11 that is targeted towards developers. Developers can use it to enhance and customise their development projects using extensions.

The feature is mostly targeted towards developers and power users, so we don’t get to hear about it often. While Dev Home has, for the most part, remained a lot technical, it seems things are going to change now.

According to Microsoft, the new Settings page will “Give developers more control over their system settings and advanced behaviours“. It will give users more granular controls and a more uniform UI experience. The Settings page can also easily be scripted and re-applied to new and/or existing machines.

The GitHub thread has a lively discussion ongoing where developers have chimed in with their thoughts and comments. Many praise the change, and some have also added their thoughts on some changes, with one developer suggesting that the new “Additional File Explorer” features should be exposed at the OS level for all users.

The move has caught the attention of the developers, and we think it’s the right direction. More feature additions on Windows 11 are always welcome, and Dev Home is one of the best new features, albeit a bit niche.

Microsoft has clarified that the new Advanced Settings in Windows 11 is not meant to replace existing settings in the Settings app.

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