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Microsoft is confident that Copilot is the future and plans to add the Bing Chat AI-ChatGPT-powered feature to all its products and services. Windows 11 already has its own Copilot, and Microsoft recently added it to Windows 10, but that’s not all – the company wants every Windows user to try it.

As you probably know, Copilot is powered by the best ChatGPT and Bing Chat models, including Microsoft’s large and small language models. The tech giant is hopeful whether you’re a regular user or an employee working in the IT sector, you may want to try Copilot on Windows via the taskbar or Microsoft Edge.

In a long press release, Microsoft quietly highlighted what makes Copilot worth trying on Windows. For example, with Copilot, Microsoft says you can use generative AI experiences without sacrificing privacy. You can be at the forefront of AI technology while safeguarding sensitive corporate data.

“People who work with information daily are excited about the capabilities of generative AI to help them discover and create new content. They may already be using generative AI by accessing Microsoft Copilot (previously Bing Chat) or ChatGPT in the browser,” Microsoft noted in a blog post announcing Copilot for Windows 10.

The company assures that Copilot in Windows is designed to meet both requirements effectively. For enterprise customers, Microsoft is offering a “managed version of Copilot” that allows organizations to enable AI features for their employees without risking the accidental disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.

Microsoft argues Copilot lets you explore new possibilities and ideas by generating creative

Microsoft outlines several benefits that Copilot brings to the Windows environment, including the ability to easily access information and services by simply typing in natural language or using voice commands.

Previously, Bing Chat was accessible via web browsers only, but Copilot brings it everywhere, including Windows 10.

Copilot window on Windows 10
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Microsoft argues that you might also want to try Copilot because of its “creativity” in text and images. For example, you could use AI to generate creative content, which may open new revenue streams.

While I’m sceptical of Microsoft’s “selling points” in its blog post, the company is hopeful that Copilot will eventually become a critical tool in the Windows ecosystem.

In other words, Microsoft expects people to find the enhanced AI capabilities helpful without explaining how Copilot differs from Bing Chat, especially on Windows 10.

Copilot in Windows 11 has some OS-level integration, while its Windows 10 version is just a web wrapper.

Our tests showed that Copilot on Windows 10 is basically Bing Chat’s website open via Microsoft Edge. It cannot open apps, change settings or do anything that makes it a ‘native app’ or ‘experience’ on Windows 10.

Copilot cannot open apps on Windows 10

Why use Copilot in the background on Windows 10 when you can access it from anywhere through Microsoft’s browser? Microsoft has not addressed these concerns.

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