Windows Copilot is limited in its current form, but Microsoft could be working on a new version of AI that could change how you use Windows 11.

In a future release of Windows 11, Microsoft Copilot will be able to detect when your system or an app is having issues and attempt to fix it automatically behind the scenes.

Imagine you’re away from your PC, and some apps are crashing. Instead of asking you to diagnose the problem or send a feedback report, Windows Copilot will try to fix issues independently. For example, if an app is failing to connect to Wi-Fi, AI may try changing network settings or running a troubleshooter to see if it can find a fix on its own.

Similarly, Dell believes the next generation of Windows 11 AI could also attempt to change Settings depending on your location and environment.

For example, if it detects that you are using a public network at the airport, it may turn on the battery saver and improve your Wi-FI security.

A closer look at Dell’s vision of Copilot on Windows

Copilot changes Wi-Fi

In the above GIF shared by Dell, Copilot can be seen understanding user’s behaviour and environment and automatically applying changes to the system.

In this case, when you, as a user, connect to a public network, possibly at a location like an airport, AI recognizes your location and turns on its contextual awareness.

Due to the public Wi-Fi connection, Windows 11 AI may suggest enhancing security settings for data protection. It may also begin lowering thermal settings and turning on the battery saver. This will likely optimize device performance and battery longevity in a mobile setting.

Copilot change brightness

With your voice, you can ask Copilot to change the brightness of your trackpad and Windows 11’s built-in AI will automatically pull that setting for you.

Copilot changes performance

When working with Excel or PowerPoint or editing videos, you can ask Copilot to make your PC run at its fastest, which will turn on performance mode.

It is important to understand that these GIFs are just a concept from Dell, but Microsoft may likely go in that direction.

Dell has created these concepts based on discussions with its PC partner, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Copilot turns out to be the key focus in 2024.

It is widely believed that Windows Copilot is set to get a significant upgrade in 2024 with Windows Hudson Valley, also called Windows 12, in the community.

The new leadership at Microsoft’s Windows is convinced that the future of the desktop operating system is in AI and the web. The company plans to integrate AI features throughout Windows, from the taskbar and desktop to the Start menu.

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