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Microsoft no longer cares about Windows Phone users as they are already testing Windows 10 on Mobile (Andromeda OS). Recently, Microsoft also confirmed that they are working on enterprise focused features for Windows 10 Mobile for the summer release. It’s been a while since Microsoft released any major feature update for Windows 10 Mobile. If you remember, Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update brought no major changes. This is happening because Windows 10 Mobile is no longer required for the company.

After the release of Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft and Windows Insiders are testing the new update from the feature2 branch. Although, Windows 10 Mobile is technically not getting the Fall Creators Update. It seems Microsoft will address the feature2 builds as the Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft yesterday announced Windows 10 PC Fall Creators Update Release Date. On the other hand, Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed anything regarding when or if they are planning to roll out Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update to the general public.

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update Release Date is not known yet. However, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc has confirmed that the update is coming and it will be announced soon. “We haven’t announced a date yet for the Mobile update,” he said when asked about mobile.

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update is coming but it won’t have any major changes or improvements. Microsoft will be supporting the existing Windows Phones for few more years but no major changes are planned yet. You can read the list of expected changes coming with Fall Creators Update for Mobile here.

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