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Call this as death knell or a ray of hope, Windows 10 Mobile will be continue to getting updates till the end of 2019. While that’s not assuring, it still gives a hope that maybe our favorite Mobile OS is not dead, yet.

Microsoft’s last major update for the OS was with the Creators Update. Though except the new Share icon, nothing much was introduced, it still was a major update. Lot’s of bugs were fixed and the performance increased by a considerable amount. After that, Microsoft crushed the hopes of all by announcing the feature2 branch. The new branch sort of put Windows 10 Mobile on maintenance mode, with only bug fixes and improvements.

Windows 10 Mobile
The feature2 branch has still been mostly about bug fixes

People started calling the doom and gloom and the mainstream media quickly declared, Windows 10 Mobile is dead! However, we, along with the other Microsoft focused tech sites, told that it was not the case. The OS was still still not dead yet. Digging up Microsoft’s support site proved that we were not wrong.

According to Microsoft’s product lifecycle page, Windows 10 Mobile will be supported till the end of 2019. As spotted first by the guys at winsupersite, Microsoft clearly mentions that the OS will be supported till 6/11/2019. Each version of the OS is getting updates for 2 years and adding all of them up, Windows 10 Mobile will live on till 2019.

Now there’s a catch. While the OS will be supported till 2019, you’ll have to make sure your phone is on the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile. That means the devices still on the November Update or Anniversary Update, will not be supported till 2019. You’ll have to make sure to update your phone to the latest public release of Windows 10 Mobile.

Only the Phones running the latest public release version of the os, will be supported till 2019.

So what if your device is still on the Anniversary Update? Hit up this guide to update your phone to the Creators Update. Want to get the insider builds on your unsupported phone? Use this simple hack and get your phone updated!


If your phone is running Windows 10, no worries, it’ll get updates till the end of 2019. Just make sure to update it to the latest public release and you’ll be fine. As for the lack of features and Microsoft’s attitude towards the OS, the blame is on them. We may still get some new features according to Microsoft, so hold on tight! The journey is still not over, and Windows 10 Mobile is far from being dead.


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