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Microsoft recently separated Windows 10 Mobile from the development branch and ultimately sidelined the mobile OS. Although Microsoft’s employees are claiming Windows 10 Mobile is not dead, while new report speaks the opposite.

Windows 10 Mobile has been getting builds from the feature_2 branch. So far in 2017, only one feature has been added to the OS. This won’t change ever as the phones you own today won’t be supported by Microsoft anymore.

Windows 10 on Mobile is the future

Windows 10 will soon be capable of running on any form factor device. Microsoft’s next mobile is likely to be powered Andromeda OS and it is completely different¬†from current Windows 10 Mobile. As the future phones won’t a have special mobile version of Windows 10, Microsoft decided to kill the OS and put it on life support.

The feature2 is a better version of Windows Phone 7.8 update. Microsoft will also backport the new Redstone 3 and 4 UWP APIs to Windows 10 Mobile so that existing phones continue to get latest apps. This basically puts Windows 10 Mobile on an (extended) life support. The existing Windows Phones will continue to receive cumulative and security updates for more than one year.

As Microsoft will move forward with the development of Windows 10, the Redstone 5 UWP APIs may not be added into Windows 10 Mobile. Meaning that Windows 10 Mobile will soon lose the app support while Microsoft will continue to support the OS.

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