Microsoft’s design language has evolved over the years with many changes that were dearly loved by fans and many that were very much disliked. This time, however, we’re talking about Windows 10 and it’s 1px border around the window edges.

The 1px border around the window edges is by far the most hated element of Windows 10’s design. Mainly because a window is the most basic thing that makes Windows, Windows. And the worst thing about it is that it’s always there, everywhere.

Microsoft recently updated their documentation for NavigationView control and the new documentation shows off some screenshots of how the control works. Besides the control itself, the screenshot also features a beautiful drop shadow around the window and yes – without the 1px border.

The screenshot is certainly just a mere mock-up. But it gives us a closer look at how this could look like for specific apps. However, this is destined to happen at some point in time.

“I’ve previously prototyped this. It fell apart for me not in isolation – you don’t need a border there – but in usage with a number of applications / multitasking wherein it was difficult to effectively determine application boundaries and grab points,” Microsoft’s engineer explains on Reddit.

Microsoft had already shown off many mock-ups featuring the similar absence of 1px border before. In fact, in recent Redstone 5 builds, Microsoft has already gotten rid of the 1px border around the edges of many UWP controls such as context menus and dialogue boxes and was replaced with a drop-shadow instead.

Updated with statement from Microsoft’s engineer.

  • YeahRrright

    Too bad no one cares to actually write UWP apps…

  • Vancouver_Ninja

    Looks amazing. Windows 10 is killing it!!

    • M Rankin

      Yes almost all of the inbuilt apps have been update with it in the fast/slow ring. Groove movies & TV, weather

  • JohnW

    Hate those to thin scroll bars.

    • Demileto

      They’re thin until you mouse over them, then they fat up.

      • JohnW

        I’m probably thinking of Chrome which has tiny weeny scroll bars that don’t fat up.

        • Do you use that?

          • JohnW

            Not on my PCs with W10.

  • Phil Brinkle

    I hate Windows 10! The worst Windows version I’ve ever seen.

    • M Rankin

      Try windows 2000

      • JohnW

        That was one of the better ones. Try ME, Vista or 8.

        • M Rankin

          Vista got better after service packs
          it definitely was too graphic intensive for older computers.
          And that control panel talk about a learn curve.
          8.1 definitely needed a better desktop mode That kill it.
          for desktop user.
          Oh ME definitely at the top of the pack though

      • Phil Brinkle

        I have tried and I like it!

        • M Rankin

          Wow. To each their own I couldn’t wait to update to XP. But How is Windows 10 the worst?

    • YeahRrright

      hate is such a strong word. It’s far from perfect, but it’s getting better, slowly but some progress is there.

  • Subin George

    I dont mind the 1 px border. Keep it or remove it, either way is fine imo. Ssly at this point it’s become a popular trend to hate on Win 10

    • Dustojnik Hummer

      I wish we could toggle it

  • IanHead

    The 1px border needs to stay, especially in the event that the user has disabled window shadows, so that there remains some boundary between the window and any content behind it. Even OS X has borders around its windows, but they’re subtle – 1px and partially transparent. That’s what Windows 10 itself does with windows that don’t have focus already, too.