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Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore played an important role in the development of Windows Phone platform, which is dead despite being a fluid-beautiful mobile platform. In 2017, Microsoft has completely given up on Windows 10 Mobile and the Redmond giant is instead focusing on the rival mobile platforms.

After the 9-month leave of absence from Microsoft to travel around the world, Joe Belfiore returned back to Microsoft earlier this year. During his trip, Joe Belfiore was using an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7. Some weeks ago, he also confirmed that he uses Samsung Galaxy S8 with lots of Microsoft software.

Multiple times Windows Phone fans have criticised Belfiore for using an Android or iPhone over the company’s own Windows Phone operating system. Today, Joe Belfiore poured his heart out revealing why he ditched Windows Phone for Android.

In a series of tweets, Joe Belfiore addressed the reason behind lack of support for Windows 10 Mobile from Microsoft and why the platform is dead in 2017. It all started when a Windows Phone user asked Belfiore whether it is the right time to leave the Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore admitted that because of the app gap, he had to ditch his Windows Phone. “I switched platforms for the app/hw diversity, he said. He further writes that Microsoft will continue to support all mobile platforms but Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the company’s priority.

Citing a lack of apps as the main problem, Belfiore also confirmed that Windows Phone is dead. He even explains that despite paying money to the companies to build apps for Windows Phone, most of the companies never released the app for the platform because the volume of users is too low.

“We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs. Paid money. wrote apps 4 them.. but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest,” Belfiore tweeted with a frowning face emoji.

Microsoft will, however, continue to support Windows 10 Mobile. If you want to stick to Windows Phone, you can but stop holding out for new features and major improvements as Microsoft’s focus is on Android and iOS.

  • Phil Cassell

    I just bought my first windows phone on Friday and after a few hours of setting it up and messing around I wiped it out and put it back in the box to be returned. The OS was super fluid, the feeling was awesome, but everything else felt half assed. First and foremost the apps disappointing. LastPass was junky, MySmartStart was only for US customers, the EnPass was terrible etc etc. What found the most disappointing of all was Outlook. I use Outlook 2016 at work, at home and I use Outlook for Android which is incredible; I open Outlook on the windows 10 phone and it was like it was 1995 all over again. I was so excited to try something new and different and being a windows guy I figured why not. Anyways….back to my android :)

  • Surendra Reddy

    Windows really is a great platform, also secured one when compared with the Android or iOS. But lack of App developers, made the company to stop developing phones. Really, bad time for the Microsoft in the hardware division. Also, Surface is a great hardware from Microsoft, but the company also thinking of discontinuing the Surface division.