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Earlier this year, Microsoft started selling the Samsung Galaxy S8 at its Online Store. The smartphone runs Android but it comes pre-installed with Microsoft apps. Redmond giant is calling the Galaxy S8 as Microsoft Edition. Just like Microsoft, the company’s employees are also giving up on Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone’s last hope – Joe Belfiore is now using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. The smartphone is powered by Android and comes with Microsoft apps such as Office, Arrow Launcher. In a recent Windows Insider webcast, Belfiore proudly revealed that he is now a Galaxy S8 user.

Microsoft’s customization pack for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 makes it a great great, Belfiore explains. The pack customization has everything a Microsoft fan would expect in his/her smartphone. Despite the device is not running Windows 10, Belfiore believes that Microsoft apps are enough to make it a great device.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition comes with Outlook, Office, OneDrive and other apps. Belfiore believes Microsoft apps are enough to make Android smartphones great again, while it seems he has forgotten that normal Android users would ignore most of the Microsoft apps.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher. The launcher is far better than Samsung’s TouchWiz as Arrow makes it easy to find your favourite apps.

Joe Belfiore recently confirmed that Microsoft has no hate for Windows Phone platform, . He noted that as Microsoft does not hate Windows Phone, this is exactly why the company is focusing on iPhone and Android. Despite Microsoft is giving up on Windows Phone, are you still using the platform?

  • LumianBort

    May be this is how microsoft is slowly planning to leave the whole Windows OS to disappear. One day we wake up and there is no Operating System called Windows.

    Source : Just Kidding

  • Tricklee

    I’m still using one

  • wgr33

    shame, traitor Joe Belfiore

  • Marios Michael

    I’m using 950xl

  • cmolinap

    In spanish we say: En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo. In english: At blacksmith’s house, wooden knife. Or something like that.

    With my Lumia 950 Dual SIM until the end of the times, and beyond. To where no human has ever come.

  • Jose D Sambolin

    I am happy with my 950 XL…

  • Jens

    Feeling ever more bitter.

  • Richard Pelter

    Just got a deal on a 950 for $200 and I’m totally satisfied with it. Had a 650 but Edge kept crashing, Windows 10 Mobile needed more hardware than the 650 offered. I’m glad nobody wanted Windows 10 Mobile, that’s how I got this gem of a phone for $200 on eBay.

  • Steven Ealy
    • Mayank Parmar

      Nope. We found it from Windows Area. Here’s the source link: (as included in the article).

      • Steven Ealy

        Thats the same video I posted weeks before you posted your article. Oh well, technically neither of us own the video so it doesn’t matter. I just thought it was funny I post this same story on Reddit and it shows up on your site a few days later.

  • pege63

    Trust me NO ONE at MS uses Windows Phone

  • Nelman1

    My Lumia 950XL is working perfectly and waiting for the mobile Surface device with Andromeda OS that’s surely coming.