Microsoft’s employees have already stopped using the Windows Phone for iPhone or Android. Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is now also using Google’s Android smartphone. A few years ago, Gates was a Windows Phone users but he dumped his Lumia for an Android.

“I happen to use all Windows-based PCs. The phone that I have, recently I did switch to an Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software. But the competition in the software and IT space that Steve helped foster, it’s phenomenal. And Microsoft’s a big part of that.”, Gates confessed during an interview with Fox News yesterday.

This isn’t surprising at all as even Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella expressed his lack of interest in the company’s mobile platform and admitted that there was no need of Windows Phone operating system. As Microsoft has already given up on Windows Phone, Gates’ statement is not going to affect the mobile platform. Windows Phone fan’s last hope Joe Belfiore is also using Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition and has admitted that Microsoft also wants to focus on Android and iOS.

Windows Phone was the company’s attempt to take on iOS and Android but it failed and Microsoft has dumped the mobile platform. Windows Phone’s collapse started well before the birth of Android. Microsoft is to be blamed for the blunders they have made resulting in the failure of Windows Phone.

Microsoft is, however, working on a new mobile device under the Surface brand with Andromeda OS. Despite Andromeda OS sounds good in theory, the future of Windows on Mobile is still not certain.

  • Pablo HP

    Unfortunately. I wont Microsoft shut out this device.

  • Vicu Corp

    Later, he will dump their surface for chromebooks… then windows will become more and more irrelevant in all spaces…

  • Andy Fertal

    Sadly, I’m with Bill on this, at least for now. I retired my HTC1M8 yesterday and spent $120 on a MOTOe4 Android Phone. I have no ‘real’ carrier choices where I live (Verizon is it) and I could not find a decent Windows Phone that would work on Verizon. I’m hoping that this android gadget will hold me until Surface Mobile.

  • Mboe

    Holding on to my 950 & 650 till Surface Phone is here

  • LumianBort

    smartphones hold a huge market share if not the biggest, between other type devices, I don’t think Microsoft will leave the smartphone market. Samsung is working on their own OS for devices like smartphones, TIZEN. because of that.

  • Alfred Soyemi

    Its interesting the attention grabbing, click baiting that some of these article writers use nowadays.
    “Bill Gates dumps Windows Phone for Android”

    I will admit, I don’t know if Bill Gate informed Mayank Parmar that he is DUMPING WIndows Phone for Android, I searched and did not see anywhere online where Bill said so, He did switch from windows phone to Android and how that became DUMPED beats the crap out of me.

    Also of interest is that when folks switch from Android of iPhone to Windows phones these guys don’t report it as DUMPED, they say “Switched”, but when it is from Windows Phone to Android or iPhone Voila, it is DUMPED/

  • KA

    Bill Gates know exactly what he is doing. That s** (Lumia 950) thing work each second time. Photo camera button work each 3rd day. Sometimes often. Mark Email to delete, or mark as read mostly don’t work. What a piece of s**t!

    • Ordeith

      ^ PEBKAC