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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is back and he has a good news for Windows Phone fans. Joe Belfiore has now confirmed in a new interview that Windows Phone is not dead and the company is going to support the operating system. Recently, Microsoft’s CEO hinted that the future models of Microsoft’s smartphones is going to be completely different from the phones available in the market.

Joe Belfiore has discussed a little about the future of Windows Phone and Microsoft’s Mobile Business. He confirmed that Microsoft is not giving up on Windows Phone but it will continue to focus on Android and iOS.

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“We’re going to continue to support Windows Phone,” said Belfiore.

He has also revealed that the reason behind why Microsoft is focusing on Android and iOS. Microsoft is focusing on Android and iOS because users are using more devices powered by these two operating system. At Build 2017 Developer Conference, Microsoft accepted that the users are using various operating systems not only Windows.

“Windows is a platform that drives the experience on a whole range of devices,” he continues. “We live in a highly diverse world.” – Joe Belfiore.

Microsoft will apparently focus on Android and iOS along with Windows. A recent rumour has claimed that Microsoft is planning to launch a new Windows Phone later this year but it wouldn’t be the long rumoured Surface Phone.

  • Luis Rocha

    Excelentes notícias :)

  • Tell that to my lowly 930 which still suffers update after update. Don’t get me wrong, I love Windows MOBILE but it seriously needs to improve.
    ATM Windows PHONE 7 was way better :D

    Didn’t they kill the Windows Phone brand when the Windows 10 update came out? Didn’t anyone tell Joe it’s now Windows Mobile :P

    • Vasil Dechkov

      Windows 10 Mobile is considered the latest version of Windows Phone OS.

    • Cristian Carlsson

      The Brand is Windows… And they usually use the moniker Phone because it is a Windows – phone..
      The version of the os is Windows 10 Mobile, like Windows 10 Pro…

      Then the “press” and a lot of people really love to call that things are dead…

  • eternal

    Support means nothing for.Microsoft. We have many examples from the past. Windows 10 mobile and Windows Phone are clearly dead, but there will be OneCore Windows 10 on Arm phones.

  • altemar junior

    Precisamos de aparelhos modernos da microsoft aqui no brasil