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Back in June 2016, Satya Nadella announced that he would publish his first book titled ‘Hit Refresh’ and in the book, Nadella writes about his life in India and at Microsoft. It has been just a few years since Nadella became Microsoft’s CEO and in the book, he made some revelations.

Satya Nadella never supported/liked Nokia acquisition, Windows Phone and even the Microsoft’s mobile platform. He, in fact, believes that Windows Phone was not needed, Android and iOS were enough. Nadella writes that there was no need of the third ecosystem in the phones and as a result, after becoming Microsoft’s CEO, Satya slowly killed the beautiful Windows Phone platform.

Whoever used a Windows Phone still loves it, Windows Phone features a user interface based on Microsoft’s “Metro” design and it is unique compared to iOS and Android. The performance and battery life were also some of the reasons behind Windows Phone’s immense popularity among its fans.

In his Hit Refresh book, Nadella writes that Microsoft was too late to the smartphone game. Windows Phone 8 marked the birth of the third ecosystem in phones and at that time, Google and Apple were far ahead with their respective mobile platforms.

“I did not get why the world needed the third ecosystem in phones unless we changed the rules … But it was too late to regain the ground we had lost. We were chasing our competitors’ taillights,” he writes.

Windows Phone was doomed from the start

Windows Phone wasn’t gaining a lot of ground despite being a very good product. Because when Microsoft got its act together, it was too late for the new platform to catch up with the rivals. Windows Phone since the beginning was simple, the OS didn’t even have a File Manager/Explorer whereas Android had it since the beginning.

Windows Phone was never Microsoft’s priority. By the time Microsoft got its act together, it wasn’t possible for the Redmond giant to catch up what it had lost in last few years. As Microsoft realised it was too little too late and Nadella came to the power, Windows Phone started following the path to death.

Microsoft was trying to compete with Android – with the power of Google, Samsung and the whole open source community behind it. Even if Google were selling Android as a proprietary software without other partners, Microsoft would have found it very hard as Google had its powerful range of services [search, maps, mail] to back it up while Microsoft’s comparative services significantly lag those of Google’s,” former Microsoft engineer Balaji Viswanathan writes on Quora.

When Google was giving away Android for free, Microsoft was trying to convince the smartphone makers to pay licensing fees for Windows Phone and launch the phones. While Lumia had a good hardware whereas Windows Phone OS was far behind Android and iOS despite Microsoft is a ‘software giant’.

Satya Nadella has however promised that Microsoft will continue to make phones. What do you think about Satya Nadella’s vision for Windows Phone?

  • KA

    I believe the world never needed ‘Satya Nadella’ in the Microsoft ecosystem.

    • Vicu Corp

      In fact, Satya will kill windows…

      • KA

        Hope, that president Trump seng him back home to India. Were he obviously belong to.

    • Nathan Robertson

      dumbest thing ive read today.

      • KA

        You can really read????

      • KA

        Try to reboot your own brain. Sometime works.

  • cmolinap

    There it is…more transparent than a glass of water…like the novel of Gabriel García Márquez, Crónica de una muerte anunciada (Chronicle of a Death Foretold)…Satya Nadella, yes, the same of the multicolor flag, he killed WP since before he was born, he is the direct culprit.

    If you don’t want to understand, everyone’s problem.

    Quote: “Satya Nadella never supported/liked Nokia acquisition, Windows Phone and even the Microsoft’s mobile platform.”

    Any further explanation?

  • Andy Mili

    Satya Nadella – Troyan horse in MS

  • Mboe

    I hope MS won’t demand licensing fees for the Andromeda OS

  • SoumitraV

    That’s very sad. I can not give up Windows Phone. I was (and I am) in love with Windows and I married to it.

  • chris722

    Is this familiar? Bill Gates didn’t believe in the internet. Ballmer laughed at the iPhone, said it was too expensive, and no keyboard. Nadella just continues this proud tradition. Microsoft is the IBM of their era. Nothing new here.

    • Nathan Robertson

      Wrong. Gates absolutely pushed microsoft behind the internet in the 90s as their single focus as a a software developer. Remember IE vs NetScape? Go read “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates.

      • chris722

        So you’re saying that was fake news for that time? We all remember the headlines.

  • Nathan Robertson

    Windows Phone 7 was the official rebirth of Windows Mobile, but still ran CE, and was basically the evolution of the ZuneHD interface whereas WP8 was running OneCore in common with surface and xbox. WP7 didnt even have copy/paste and no, it did not have a file explorer until WP8 which still wasnt even included by default — on WP7, it was a sideload hack.