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Microsoft has been ignoring Windows 10 Mobile for a while now. The assumption and rumours have already confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is dead and Microsoft is working on Andromeda OS, a new version of Windows 10 that will fill the gap between mobile and PC.

Recently, a report revealed that Microsoft has planned to support the current Windows Phones like HP Elite x3 or Lumia 950 until the end of 2018. The company is also working on enterprise focused features for the operating system. It seems Microsoft hasn’t internally given up on its mobile operating system.

Microsoft is internally treating Windows 10 Mobile as an important OS for their Windows¬†business. A new report claims that Microsoft would use Windows 10 Mobile to test new apps and services for PCs and small form-factor devices. Microsoft recently launched the Windows Phone’s WordFlow keyboard for iOS, Windows 10 PCs and it also said to be part of the Redmond giant’s new project.

Microsoft has also moved Windows 10 Mobile to a different development branch than PCs and Tablets. Initially, it was a temporary change but now Microsoft has decided to dump Windows 10 Mobile in favour of new Andromeda OS. However, the company is still going to use Windows 10 Mobile for testing new apps with Windows Insiders.

  • Law Williams

    As these new details trickle out, I’m just hoping their new “ultraportable pcs” that come out with Andromeda after 2018 aren’t super expensive and only marketed for business. I love my windows phone, and if their next move isn’t double or more than your average phone, I’ll move forward with them, but if they close it off to businesses and make it ultra expensive, a) I will be pissed, and b) I won’t be able to continue with windows and have to move back to android…or worse, get an iPhone!

  • I’m using Windows because I’m in love with this UI/UX and I love that feeling when I use Windows Mobile. If I’ll disappointed with “Surface Mobile” I’ll just bought old Windows phone and I don’t care about supporting or app, I just CAN’T USE Android or iOS. Windows is what I’m made of.

  • CrocSmile

    Hope there is an upgrade path to Andromeda for the 950’s at least.

    • Nelman1

      My guess is that by the time Andromeda OS comes out, my 950XL that I bought in November 2016, will be old tech and will not be capable of running Andromeda. But by then I’ll want a new mobile device anyway.