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Earlier we have reported the Microsoft is working on a new Software and Hardware for its Windows 10 Mobile, with plans to launch a new phone with the new Software by end of this year. Now we have some reports with a video being leaked of the new UI the company is currently working on.

As was reported the Redmond Giant has been working on a CShell/Composable Shell for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The CShell will be presenting a new Windows 10 UI for PC and Mobile meaning a currently Windows 10 Mobile UI with elements from the Windows 10 Desktop UI.

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WIth the new UI of CShell, the company is currently testing the Windows 10 Desktop action center, start screen with large tiles and a landscape mode to boot.

As was reported in our article couple of days ago, users will not be able to use any Silverlight Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram since the CShell will be supporting only the UWP apps which can run on all Windows 10 Platforms.

The CShell is basically Microsoft’s final attempt at reviving their Mobile market dreams which have failed in the past and the company has faced difficulty in convinced the consumers to actually buy a Windows Phone.

You can read more about the changes here.

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