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Microsoft yesterday rolled out an update to Windows PCs with a new feature for Android devices. Android users can now link their phones to Windows 10 PCs and enjoy the pick up where you left off feature while Windows 10 Mobile is once again left behind.

The fans blame Microsoft for killing Windows Phone while Microsoft will never admit that Windows Phone platform is dead. Today, Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft doesn’t hate Windows Phone. He made it clear that they love Windows Phone that’s why they want to bring its features to other platforms.

“I honestly don’t get why they hate Windows Phone so much. The OS is so good, Edge is awesome, Continuum is amazing. Android is so rubbish,” the fan asked Joe. Another fan tweeted to Joe, “We don’t feel the love though. We usually feel more like 2nd class citizens when it comes to MS products and services. Just sayin’,” he said.

Surprisingly, Joe Belfiore replied and revealed that Microsoft has no hate for Windows Phone. “We have no hate for WP! In fact, we’re trying to bring some of it’s benefits (Cortana, PC connection) to our tons of iOS/Android users,” Belfiore said.

Another Microsoft’s employee confirmed to a fan that they are working on some new features for Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is also planning yet another Windows Phone reboot. The rumour has it that Windows 10 Mobile will also get UI changes with CShell.

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