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LG and Samsung had been working for a long time on releasing Foldable Smartphones by end of 2017. We have also seen Lenovo demonstrating a demo of their foldable concept phone recently. And few weeks ago we had reported that the Microsoft also filed a patent for a foldable phone to tablet mobile device. In that patent Microsoft had described their foldable tablet as dual screen that is supported by a flexible hinge.

Ryan Smalley¬†a designer has created a beautiful concept phone branded as “Surface Phone” based on this patent. This looks to be a perfect phone to fill the void of a smartphone in Surface Branded hardwares. And with the presence of CShell in Windows 10 Mobile, the surface note would have a UI that would look like the current UI of Windows 10 Mobile when this phone is folded and will have the tablet mode UI of Windows 10 when the phone is in unfolded mode. Have a look at the images of the Surface Note concept below:

In this concept Designer has also shown that the phone would be much more productive with the support of Surface Pen. Another advantage of such a device is that when using it as a phone mode we can also use both of its screens and the same camera can be used to click either selfies or any place.We appreciate the excitement shown by our windows phone community towards the rumored Surface phone. Let’s see what will be the fate of this Microsoft patent.

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