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The general manager for Microsoft Surface Ryan Gavin had talked about the rumored Surface Phone in an interview with Business Insider. Business Insider asked him about having every form factor in the Surface hardware lineup that receives good reviews all around the world and still no sign of the smartphone lineup of the surface which is currently considered as the single most important computing device.

For which he replied that it is still a speculation at this point but when considering it as a part of the Surface Brand whenever it will come out they are sure that it “will not resemble what we know and think of as a phone today”. These words doesn’t sound any different because we have heard them from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella already.

We have also seen various patents that does tells us that Microsoft is working on foldable tablets that will also work as a phone and will boost their idea of execution of Continuum for Windows Operating system where the OS scales itself down according to the device form factor.

We also can be sure that whenever this device comes out it will definitely be for enterprise customers at the beginning. Read the full interview from hereĀ where he also talked about other surface products. Do you let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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