Surface Phone
A Surface Phone concept.

Surface Phone is reportedly the Microsoft’s Ultimate Mobile Device and it is supposed to save Microsoft’s Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) operating system. The rumors of this device have been here a long time, and just as faith begins to fade, Microsoft comes back in and fuels the flame; this started back late last year when Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said that they company will come back with the ultimate mobile device.

Microsoft’s Bilibili account has uploaded a video, titled ‘1706 Engineering Equipment’. The video’s description has revealed that Microsoft’s Surface Phone could come in two variants. Two Surface Phone variants are codenamed as Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia.

Surface Phone Features

The translated description has revealed that the Surface Phone is a handheld device and a portable work platform too. Surface Phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. It will also come with ONTO TABLE Projection Continuum feature that will will offer desktop work of up to 1 hour.

Microsoft will also bundle Surface pen to allow users to do work on OneNote and take notes easily. It will also have 185 degree angle support that makes it a ultimate mobile device.

It seems the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset based on the Windows on ARM based processors from the Microsoft-Qualcomm partnership. It could very well be the cellular PC that Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf spoke about during his company’s recent earnings back in April. This perspective, of the Cellular PC that’s planned for a Q4 2017 release might be the Surface Phone, in principle, even though it may not be called Surface Phone.

Microsoft has already deleted the video, no other details of the device is available as of now. As for the release date, Microsoft has been tight lipped on details of the entire device, however, speculations point towards a fall release this year, or an early release in 2018.

Do you think Surface Phone will save Microsoft’s falling mobile business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Praxius

    Damn I was looking forward to seeing the video. Is that picture from the video or a concept render?

    • Mayank Parmar

      That’s a concept. And the video probably had Chinese documentation not the actual device.

  • Peter Paul Johnson

    where is a leaked video?

    • Mayank Parmar

      MS deleted.

  • Mdanish Attari

    yes it can save and need oems with samsung lg htc etc…

  • knut solvang

    I wish it could be the savior device. But no. Because they need the most popular apps. And better versions of existing apps. Ex Fb and Messenger. They are sooooo slow. Sometimes it takes 40-50 sec to open, and then it need to connect to internett. U need time if u gonna use messenger, can’t be in a hurry..

  • James Ulatowski

    Personal multi-tasking devices will evolve in steps and leaps until the ultimate do it all multi-sensor based communicator is devised – which will likely be some brain/device implant. Until then it will be a constant ebb and flow of top technical/marketing solutions – with an always more awesome unit to be available next year. No one company can maintain a lead in innovation, but the larger ones can buy the key start-ups. So, this will be a long term battle with no clear overall winner, and the market will become even more segmented. Microsoft is making in-roads into Apple’s base and vice-versa and Microsoft has chosen to operate with Android, while it is an clear Apple enemy.
    The introduction later this year of low cost Window / Pen units, perhaps with Cellular features, by a wide range of windows hardware vendors may tip the scales in Microsoft’s favor in Schools. No doubt, there is a significant core of pro-Apple supporters in Academia (I have no idea why), that need to be overcome. Why do they rob their students of learning on industry most used OS and multi-tasking apps by a wide margin? Intelligence and common sense often do not coexist.
    There are a lot of head games as to why “superior” people chose Apple – the hell with the kids.
    But to err is to be human and there are no limits to blunders that both Apple and MS can make.

  • Bensi

    Yes it is a game changer especially if the proposed laptop ban on flights becomes a reality, this will be a quick and easy solution for any business man needing to fly.

  • James Ulatowski

    The Achilles Heel for Microsoft is applications support from key service agents – banks, stores, entertainment sources and others. It is not corporate management against supporting Microsoft, they want to expand their business. The adversary is the small % but sometimes well positioned IT guys that are fanatical about Apple or Android/Google and do not want to assist in any way to prove themselves wrong. Even if Microsoft used the same coded apps with no changes, they will claim undue costs even to check the app on Windows, especially as updates are frequently done.
    Microsoft can even set up support groups to do the verification checks and the Resistors will claim that the costs are still too much. Microsoft has to make a clear and concise pitch to management.
    Even then the Resistors will claim it is impossible, even if Microsoft pays for the resources to do any and all of the work and PROVE that it is certifiable. Microsoft has to win a few competitors in each market and then promote them strongly against the Resistor’s companies, with only once a year opportunities to JOIN THE MICROSOFT TEAM. Make the Resistor companies profits pay.
    Microsoft perhaps can only win this battle by enhancing the success of it supporters – no mercy.
    It is to Microsoft’s benefit to provide incentives for its users to support companies that are fully engaged in support of Microsoft AND its users. To not support Microsoft is to not support us.
    Target one specific market group at a time with a concerted corporate and users campaign …

    Hey, I have been there in the ASIC design market, building vendor independent design tools and then trying to get those same ASIC vendors to support your design libraries – painful. Here, they had more reason to fight, because they wanted the tools business as well, so you had to line up the key ASIC customers to DEMAND that the certified libraries be made available. Without those key customers you had no leverage. Often only big ASIC orders made library support happen.

  • Julian Barker

    They really should get out the OS space altogether and build surface devices for Android.