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Everything you need to know about CShell in Windows 10

There's a lot of talk going around about Microsoft's next paradigm shift in the mobile world. Whispers of the mythical Surface Phone is floating around and some rumour or the other...

Microsoft’s new mobile strategy is to focus on Android and iOS, but what about...

Microsoft has revealed the future plans of its mobile business at Build 2017 Developer Conference. Microsoft has indirectly confirmed that the company has no plan to focus on Windows Phone by...

Will the Surface Phone able to save Microsoft’s falling mobile business?

Everything in universe will die eventually. Microsoft finally confirmed the death of the Windows Phone by not including it in the 10Q SEC filing. And last week we also seen a report...
Windows Phone

Windows Phone, then and now – from a fan’s viewpoint

Let's be honest, the Surface Phone, the most discussed topic among Microsoft's Windows Phone lovers is still based upon rumors. It is not even confirmed that the Surface Phone will come...

Windows 10 Creators Update: The Top Features

Here's the detailed information about what's new, improved and enhanced in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Twitter shuts down over 600000 Terrorism Accounts

The Social media giant Twitter's latest report confirms that the company has shutdown over 6,00,000 Terrorism Accounts which promoted terror since August 2015.  The Latest report shows the details of measure...
Lumia 650

Microsoft Lumia 650: A Year After

Lumia 650, dubbed as the "last Lumia" just turned 1 year old last month. It was an addition to the x50 line together with Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. Now, after...
Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 535

Windows 10 Mobile to get a glimpse of Project NEON?

With Project NEON Microsoft plans make a design language which works across all devices including Mobile, and offers similar experience.

We are not Stepping away from Mobile Platform: Microsoft CEO to Shareholders

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yesterday had a meeting with the company's Shareholders. The Shareholder's had put across some tough questions to the CEO in regards to his strategy on Mobile devices. The...

Kantar – Smartphone Market Share number for September 2016 – No Mention of Growth...

The Smartphone sales data from Kantar World Panel shows that both IOS and Android is making gains across the 5 European countries. It shows a solid 5.2% Increase in Market Share...

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