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Windows 10 Mobile operating system is right now in its worst possible situation because neither Microsoft is expressing anything regarding their future nor developers of popular services are keeping their apps supported on the OS. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons ‘Why you should not buy a Windows Phone at this time?

Unknown Future

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You might like the Windows 10 Mobile OS when you first buy it but you would soon find out that the progress of the OS development is currently put on hold by Microsoft when they announced to keep the Windows 10 Mobile to Creator Update ‘feature2’ builds. What that means is that you get updates that are only for bug fixes and performance improvements but no new features are added. Microsoft has never mentioned whether they will be bringing their mobile Insider program to the current development stage i.e the Redstone 3 branch.

It’s not as if Microsoft is not developing their OS for Mobile, we have seen several leaks in past two months of the improvements made through the CShell which simply looks very good and is believed to come with the rumoured Surface Phone. But the problem is that you will never know whether that update will be supported on your phone or not because Microsoft has several times in the past denied existing users update to their latest software. Believe me, if you are not part of the Microsoft’s future strategy for phones, your existing Windows 10 Mobile will be doomed.


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Since the introduction of the Universal Windows Apps in the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the mobile has got many new apps because of the advantage of a huge number of users on Windows 10. So the app gap situation is definitely improved over time but these new UWP apps have their own share of problems like their developer are currently putting more focus on the Windows 10 PC version obviously because the number of users are not much on the mobile OS. Since these new apps are designed from scratch their pace of development is pretty slow and they are initially beta apps whose performance would sometimes make you throw your phone.

Nevertheless, there are some really cool and exciting apps as well. Another thing about apps is that even though you have good apps for entertainment, surfing, music, office but you would have to rely on alternative apps. You may not even find the app for Bank’s online services or your workplaces’ professional apps which won’t have any alternative on the Windows Store as well.

Not many devices

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Even if after the two big problems mentioned above you are somehow still willing to take the risk of getting a Windows 10 Mobile device in future, you will have a herculean task of selecting a good phone for your need. Because when you look at the number of new devices running Windows 10 Mobile in the market are very few. And if you look at the number of new devices announced in the last year itself, these will probably be HP Ellie x3, Alcatel Idol 4S or an Acer’s phone. All of these device are available at only a few selected markets around the world.

If you are thinking of getting a cheaper Windows 10 Mobile phone, you will have options of smartphones which are about 2 years old like the Lumia 550, Lumia 650 etc.

All these three problems are interconnected to each other and solution of one problem will affect the other two. Microsoft has many times reiterated that they are still having a future for their mobile OS after the much-talked retrenchment strategy. We hope the upcoming changes which were leaked to the Windows 10 Mobile OS would bring some fortunes to the dying OS and would save it from its end.

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