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EU Excludes Microsoft’s Bing, Edge, and Advertising From “Gatekeepers” Category

EU excludes Microsoft Edge, Bing and Advertising from “Gatekeepers” category

EU designated Bing, Edge browser, and Microsoft Advertising as “Gatekeepers”. But now, these services no longer fall under the “Gatekeeper” category and won’t have to ensure interoperability with their competitors.
Microsoft Edge market share report

Microsoft Edge eats Google Chrome market share, reaches almost 13%

Microsoft Edge has been gaining ground and has made significant progress in the last couple of months. In January 2024, its desktop market share rose to 12.96 percent, up from 11.23 percent in November 2023.
Microsoft Copilot Pro Android and iOS

Microsoft Copilot on Android & iOS is now faster, gets GPTs and Pro subscription...

Microsoft Copilot Pro is now available for Android and iOS users. Those who are using the free version of Copilot can now try the new feature called "GPTs", which is similar to plugins and resembles ChatGPT.
Microsoft Copilot Pro for mobile

Microsoft Edge brings Copilot Pro with GPT-4 Turbo to iOS and Android

Microsoft has recently introduced Copilot Pro in Edge for iOS after deploying GPTs to some users. If you're using an Android device, you can also try this feature by enabling an experimental setting. However, note that it's currently limited to a select few.
Microsoft Copilot GPTs hands on

First look: Microsoft’s ChatGPT GPTs in Copilot now rolling out for free

The long-awaited ChatGPT-powered "GPTs" are now accessible in the free version of Microsoft Copilot. The tech giant has confirmed that the GPTs feature will not be restricted to the Pro subscription and is currently being made available to the general public.

Microsoft Bing Chat AI rolls out Personalized chats feature and “Search on Bing”

Bing Chat is getting a new personalization feature. With this feature, you can enjoy a custom Bing experience. Imagine you frequently ask about space and planets. With personalization on, Copilot AI 'remembers' your interest in these topics.

Windows Phone boots again, but on a MacBook

In an intriguing display of cross-platform compatibility, a tech enthusiast has successfully run Windows Phone on a MacBook, leading to some unexpected and fascinating results.
Microsoft Copilot app for iOS

Microsoft Copilot app arrives on iOS, bringing free ChatGPT-4 to iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has released its Copilot app for iOS devices, just two days after I reported exclusively that the iOS version was almost ready. Now, iPhone and iPad users can download it...
Microsoft Edge Copilot upgrade

Microsoft Edge’s advanced Copilot on iOS, Android gets video summary, plugins and PDF AI

Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS finally supports a full-fledged Copilot experience with nearly all features available on desktop, including plugins, PDF AI and the ability to generate video summaries. On...
Microsoft Edge new features

Microsoft Edge to get new features: AVIF, save video frame, super Drag and Drop

Microsoft Edge is getting AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) support, and a new drag and drop feature that changes the way we interact with links. Another new feature is ability to save video frames from platforms like YouTube.

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