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Microsoft Copilot’s ChatGPT-like app lands on Android, with iOS version coming soon

Microsoft Copilot has arrived on Android with ChatGPT-like experience. This means you can now use ChatGPT-4 for free on Android, and an iOS version is also on its way.

Microsoft Bing Chat gets ChatGPT-4 Turbo for free, Code Interpreter big upgrade ahead

Microsoft is rolling out ChatGPT-4 Turbo to more users on Bing Chat, also known as Microsoft Copilot. This new AI upgrade enables faster response, access to newer information, and ability to explain or discuss emotions in images.
Bing Chat Notebook and other features

Microsoft’s bumps Bing Chat characters limit to 18,000 with Notebook, puts ChatGPT behind

Microsoft Bing Chat's Notebook is now rolling out to everyone, including consumers. Bing Chat's Notebook lets you interact with the ChatGPT-4-powered AI in real-time, but it offers more advance prompt tuning and 18,000 characters.

Microsoft explains changes as Rewards Program loses daily Edge points

Microsoft Rewards recently removed the "Edge Search" quest, which offered 20 points per day, leading to disappointment and confusion among its users. Additionally, several quests within the program saw their point values significantly reduced.

Microsoft Bing Chat AI gets read aloud, with more features like ChatGPT Code Interpreter...

Microsoft is rolling out a new server-side update for Bing Chat AI that turns on a new feature called "Read aloud". The read aloud feature is another way to access Microsoft's...
Bing Chat new feature

Exclusive: Our first look at Bing Chat’s standalone ChatGPT-like AI mode without search

Microsoft is introducing a new 'no search mode' for Bing Chat, making it similar to ChatGPT by disabling Bing search integration. This allows users to interact with the AI in a standalone mode, which is faster but relies only on pre-existing knowledge up to a certain date.

Microsoft tests third-party plugins in Bing Chat AI again

After a brief hiatus, Microsoft is reintroducing plugins for Bing Chat. Initially tested with a limited audience, the feature had been withdrawn but is now resurfacing, indicating improvements in performance. The plugin feature is currently available to a select group of users.
Bing Chat with Edit and Excel buttons

ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat AI tests Microsoft Excel integration and Edit button

Microsoft has updated Bing Chat AI with new features, including a "rewrite" button that allows for easy editing of any message within a conversation, and a Microsoft Excel integration that enables editing of AI-generated tables directly in the Excel web app.
Windows Phone failure

Ex-Microsoft exec gives us another perspective on failure of Windows Phone

Former Windows Phone developer head explains what went wrong with Microsoft's mobile business.
Bing Chat limitations lifted in Chrome and Safari

Microsoft relaxes Bing Chat AI limitation in Google Chrome and Apple Safari

Bing Chat is getting better in Google Chrome and Safari, but most features remain exclusive to Edge.

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