Microsoft Copilot app for iOS

Microsoft has released its Copilot app for iOS devices, just two days after I reported exclusively that the iOS version was almost ready. Now, iPhone and iPad users can download it from the Apple App Store. Copilot isn’t just another name for Bing Chat; it brings some cool new things to the table.

Microsoft Copilot app is available via Apple’s App Store, and the tech giant clarified that the AI app is optimized for iPad. In our tests, we also noticed that Copilot app offers better experience than the dedicated ChatGPT app for iPad.

While Bing integrates search, rewards, and chat functionalities, Copilot streamlines its focus on an advanced chat interface, incorporating features like the innovative DALL-E 3. Unlike Bing, which combines search and AI, Copilot emerges as a ChatGPT-like app tailored to iOS devices.

Microsoft Copilot for iPad
Microsoft Copilot for iPad

Copilot maintains its versatility as a multi-functional assistant on Android, supporting GPT Vision, GPT-4, and DALL-E. The addition of ChatGPT-4 Turbo, available to select users, enhances its ability to provide information on recent events, especially with the search plugin disabled.

Microsoft Copilot for iOS

Copilot is ChatGPT-4 for iOS, but it’s absolutely free. You can write emails, stories, or even summarize tough texts. It’s great with languages too, helping you translate, proofread, and more. And it’s all free, which Microsoft says won’t change.

Microsoft Copilot with GPT-4 toggle

It also plugin support, even third-party plugins at no extra cost. This can be super handy for planning trips or sprucing up your resume. Plus, there’s the Image Creator that turns your words into pictures right on your phone.

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