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Microsoft is preparing at least three new Surface hardware with Intel, Snapdragon and AMD processors. In addition to Surface Pro and Surface Laptop upgrades, the software giant is expected to announce a new Surface Pen with wireless charging support and significantly improved pressure sensitivity.

Apple’s Pencil, which also supports this technology, magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro to charge wireless.

It appears that Microsoft is working on a Wireless Charging pad to charge the Surface Pen or perhaps some other unknown Surface devices.

According to a new FCC filing, Microsoft might announce a Wireless Charger with model number 1915 on Wednesday’s Surface event. At the moment, it’s not clear whether the wireless charger belongs to the Surface lineup.

Wireless Charger
Image Courtesy: FCC / Microsoft

The test report of the Wireless Charger reveals a power supply rating of 5Vdc, 200mA.

As noted, a previous FCC filing for Surface Pen specially mentioned “charging coil” and frequency range were also detailed in the listing.

The existing Surface Pen can magnetically clip to the side of the 2-in-1 device. It’s likely that the new-gen stylus will retain this ability and when the two devices are connected, the Surface Pro will wirelessly recharge the Pen. 

A wireless charging pad could allow users to recharge the Surface Pen for devices like Surface Book. We don’t know if the wireless charger for Surface Pen will be sold separately or whether the pen will support other devices like the upcoming Surface Go with Intel Core m3.

Microsoft’s October 2 media event in New York City is just a day away.

Surface Pen 2019 rumoured features

USPTO published a patent last month with pressure sensitivity improvements for Surface Pen. Similarly, a patent for modular stylus was also published earlier this year, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see a modular stylus tomorrow when Microsoft is scheduled to announce new Surface products, given that the patent is fairly new.

However, Surface Pen with wireless charging support and pressure sensitivity improvements is very likely.

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