Surface Kickstand
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A new patent has been published which suggests that Microsoft is looking into ways to improve the kickstand of the Surface lineup. The patent is new, so there’s a chance that the software giant Microsoft is still working on this new kickstand enhancements for an upcoming Surface device.

First spotted by us, the patent titled “SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF LONGITUDINAL TORSIONAL RESISTANCE IN A HINGE” was applied by Microsoft in June 2017 and published by USPTO on January 10, 2019.

In the background section of the patent application, Microsoft explains how the kickstand could improve productivity and enable new categories. The company says that one area of computing devices that has grown in recent years is the hybrid and tablet computers. A kickstand helps the device to function as a table-PC.

Surface Kickstand patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

The detailed description section highlights Microsoft’s technologies to improve the rotational resistance of the kickstand’s hinge while maintaining a slim lock.

“For example, an implementation of a hinge described herein may include a longitudinally displaced frictional element that allows a smaller thickness than a conventional hinge. In yet other examples, an implementation of a hinge described herein may include a camming mechanism to progressively alter the resistance of the hinge,” Microsoft explains.

Patent for kickstand

The abstract section of the patent application has summarized the method:

“A device for controlling movement of a support includes a frame, an arm, a torque element, and a link. The arm is rotatably connected to the frame about a lateral axis. The torque element is displaced from the lateral axis in a longitudinal direction perpendicular to the lateral axis. At least part of the torque element is rotatable about a longitudinal axis. The link is connected to the arm and the torque element such that rotation of the arm about the lateral axis translates at least part of the torque element in the longitudinal direction,” the abstract reads.

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