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It’s not often that we hear executives lambasting other companies in the tech world. With the dire situation of Windows Phone, tech sites have started firing all cylinders and spreading the doom. While OEMs, like HP have indirectly blamed Microsoft for the failure, this is probably the first time a CEO has spoken against Microsoft.

Game Troopers, one of Windows Phone’s best developers, has continued support for their titles for long. Unlike Gameloft, and other game devs, Game Troopers provided continuous updates for their games. With apps leaving in masses from the Windows Store, Game Troopers were asked about their stand. Their CEO, Jesus Bosch recently gave his views on the matter.

Windows Phone
Jesus Bosch, CEO of Game Troopers (courtesy: MSPU)

Speaking to OneWindows, Bosch gave his thoughts and they were not pleasant. He directly blamed Microsoft for their mismanagement.

“Microsoft has done a lot of bad things in Windows Phone, from an engineering point of view (with so many platforms with breaking changes) and from a commercial point of view (They have treated very loyal developers like Game Troopers and their strategy for attracting others has been wrong).”

Harsh words, but true. If properly dealt with, and in the hands of someone potent, Windows Phone would have flourished for sure. They burned their loyal fans and developers numerous times, and it would be foolish for anyone to trust them again.

Windows Phone
Game Troopers will still support the platform, but some titles will be unpublished

Bosch was asked if Game Troopers would continue to support Windows Phone and Windows 10. He mentioned that some Windows Phone titles would be unpublished and the focus would shift more towards PC and VR now.

“We will continue to release some content for Windows (PC) and some Windows Phone games could be unpublished in the coming months, but that will be more due to the low profitability of the platform than the little support it can receive.”

With Microsoft pulling out of mobile, it is natural for the developers to pull support too. Hope still remains that if published as UWP apps, the game would come to Windows 10 Mobile too. But that is a faint hope, and the remaining fans and users of Windows Phone should start looking elsewhere soon.

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