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Surface Phone release date has been postponed once again. The Surface Phone has been rumoured for so long now and a new report suggests that Surface Phone will now be released even later. Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10 codenamed ‘Andromeda‘ has been rumoured to power the Surface Phone.

A new leaked internal Microsoft memo revealed the unexpected changes in the company’s plan. Expensive devices like Surface Book have reliability issues, Microsoft understood that this is due to the Skylake processor. The assumption was false as Lenovo told Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella that they have had no issues with the Skylake processor.

“It’s important for us to always learn more from our customers and how they view their ownership journey with our products. Feedback like this [from Consumer Reports] stings, but pushes us to obsess more about our customers,” the internal memo reads.

To counter Intel’s dominance, Microsoft also partnered with AMD for Windows 10 on ARM but the product is still not ready. Integrated LTE capabilities and great battery life are the key features of an ARM-powered device.

Microsoft understood that something is wrong with their own software, as a result the Surface Phone release date has been postponed once again. The company also decided to push the release date of Surface Hub to 2019. It is worth noting that a recent report from an unknown source also confirmed that Surface Phone will probably arrive in late 2018 or 2019.

The Redmond giant is also planning to launch a new mobile device in 2017, apparently not the Surface Phone. A new patent also revealed that Surface Phone could be a foldable mobile device with a metallic body.

  • Mdanish Attari

    please make an article for Windows Andromeda?

  • Bart W

    Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense

  • Gala

    Please try not to be just another yellow page and write the rumors. You can do better than that.

    • Gerald Jeffcoat

      I know right, I knew MS wasn’t coming out with a phone this year and maybe not one next year either. These rumors is what’s killing MS. If something hasn’t been announce as coming out how can it be delayed. MS hasn’t even confirm they’re working on so call surface phone/mobile etc.

  • Andrew Trewern

    MS really need to get their finger out and get Surface phone, not to mention other brands of Windows phones out to consumers soon or the established user base will be virtually nil! My Lumia 930 won’t last till late 2018/19, and I haven’t found a viable alternative off the shelf, so I’m even considering hacking a droid phone to Windows.

    • Ivo Mofor

      Am sure the mobile OS will be integrated with sub Linux OS.
      I can now write bash scripts on Windows. So am really sure the phone will be grate for pros. But all we need is the release date. “Microsoft is full of surprises”

  • kcwilsonii

    This is just a rumor and completely unlikely

  • Ivo Mofor

    I use Windows phone but my current Microsoft Lumia 640 is not really that pleasing. Worst of all very few apps from Windows store:( pls we really need the new phone to be out by 2018 at list

  • Iain Simpson

    it will be too late too the game anyways, they pissed off all their own windows phone/mobile customers already, dont see them returning again. IOS and Android users wont come either. So really at this point why are Microsoft even doing anything mobile, complete waste of time. Even if this new device is great it wont pick up users.

  • Daniel J Meeker

    I might be the last windows phone customer ever. I’ve been faithful from the beginning but I think I’ve come to the end of the road. Not only am I tired of not having any available apps but I’m also tired of having to randomly reboot my phone to unfreeze it’s glitchy software. Even so, I’m loyal enough, or foolish enough, that I would buy another one, yet alas windows seems to have given up on themselves. No new devices on the market. Seems that we’ve reached the end and that rumors of a Surface Phone are merely a dream from an alternate universe. Android OS and I have a date in the near future. Sad….

  • Veritasortruth

    I’ve had all three phones and I much prefer my Lumia 930 to any phone I’ve ever had. It’s simply better in every regard with the exception of the lack of apps. I cannot for the life of me understand why the Windows Phones haven’t done as well as Apple and Android. It baffles me to no end. I guess it’s herd mentality or perhaps Microsoft’s poor marketing. Apple gets so damn much free advertising with the I-phones it’s ridiculous. They simply aren’t that good. The same with Samsung. I’ve owned those products and as I’ve said they simply aren’t that good. They are overpriced and overrated.

  • Barbara Greenwood

    All my phones have been Windows, less one an android,Mohicans I quickly remedied. I am disappointed in the lack of apps, no mobile banking for me, but love the functionality and seem less connection to my desktop and laptop. Please Microsoft, put your geek brains to it and make us proud.

  • communitykid

    Just here to let all the WP / W10M fans know that they can at least emulate their home screen and app drawer on any Android phone. It was a really tough transition for me, and still years later I very deeply miss having a phone made by Microsoft. But Launcher 10 is free in the app store and it does a really great job of helping with that. Works well and it’s ad free. You do have to pay for the live tile functionality though..