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Windows Phone has only 0.1 market share and it is no longer important for the Redmond Giant. Microsoft has finally admitted that Windows Phone is immaterial to them. Microsoft has always been ignoring its own mobile operating system. None of the experiments worked out in favour of the platform. Every iteration died a miserable death.

A few days ago, we mourned the death of Windows Phone 8.1 as Microsoft officially killed the operating system. Microsoft’s Q4 2017 revenue report revealed that Windows Phone is immaterial. Microsoft announced in the blog post, “Phone revenue was immaterial and declined $361 million.”

The destiny of Windows Phone platform has nothing to do with Microsoft’s responsibility regarding the mobile platform as a whole, fairly it is because of the absence of promoting and proper planning. Microsoft was already late to the game and didn’t got enough time to figure out what might work and so forth.

Windows Phone 7 for instance, when it arrived was an insane OS without any key features at all. In spite of the fact that, it presented another cooler looking interface which public significantly declined to give a shot. The absence of applications issue goes back to Windows Phone 7 itself.

Microsoft is reportedly working on another irritation of Windows 10 on phones. Surface Phone is under testing and the CShell will also play a major role in Windows Phone reboot.

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