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It is very painful moment these days for all Windows Phone fans as nearly everyday we hear someone dropping their support for the the Windows Phone OS. IDC had predicted that market share for Windows Phone will get to 0.0% by 2021. And today, IDC has released a new report that had shown 0.1% market share for Windows Phone. We will not be surprised if  IDC keeps the Windows Phone market share in others category from the next time as others and Windows Phone both have 0.1% share.

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IDC have said that Windows Phone shipments are continuing to fall because of the lack of new phones from the hardware partners. They also expected that the recent kind of developer support and overall enthusiasm for the mobile platform of Microsoft is showing no signs of recovery in the near future.

IDC expects 2017 volumes to decline 80.9% to just 1.1 million units. IDC had criticized Microsoft for not being fully committed to Phone as they haven’t done any “Surface”-style attack for smartphones or pushing new vendors to embrace the platform is not being done by them. This means that there is very little hope of mounting a full scaled comeback in the years to come. Read the Full report here.

An immediate shot in the arm is needed to regain the turf, and Microsoft is supposed to turn the tables with the much anticipated Surface Phone. But we fear it may arrive too late and a mobile OS with no active and popular OEMs(again except HP), will fail to make any mark on the mobile industry.

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