Earlier in the last week we had confirmed that Microsoft has removed Lumia 650 and Lumia 735 from its US Microsoft Store along with Lumia 640 XL. Now the company has removed the Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo which is a Windows 8.1 device from its US Microsoft Store.

The above devices listed are currently all out of stock on the US Microsoft Store and we are not sure if the devices will be back in stock as per earlier reports that Microsoft would be discontinuing the production of its Lumia Brand of devices.

Out of the 10 Devices which are currently listed on the US Microsoft Store, 4 Devices are out of Stock which includes the Unlocked Lumia 640XL and Lumia 950XL.

In stock Out of stock
HP Elite x3 Bundle Acer Liquid M330
HP Elite x3 + Lap Dock Bundle Unlocked Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
Blu Win Jr LTE Unlocked Microsoft Lumia 950
Blu Win HD LTE Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
Microsoft Lumia 550
AT&T Microsoft Lumia 950

We are currently not sure as to when and will the above devices be available for purchase again on the US Microsoft Store. However the Acer Jade Primo is listed on the UK Microsoft Store and it will not be too long when the device goes out of stock on the UK Microsoft Store as well.

So if you are interested in buying the Acer Jade Primo make sure to head to the UK Microsoft Store for purchase or click this link.