Windows 10 Mobile is dead?
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Windows 10 Mobile has not being killed off, at least for now. Over the last few hours, Windows Phones fans are expressing their disappointment of supporting Windows Phone platform as Microsoft has now internally killed the operating system. The recent report has suggested that there wouldn’t be Redstone 3 update for any Windows Phone running on Windows 10.

Windows 10’s next major update is codenamed as Redstone 3 and it is rumoured to bring many new features to Windows 10 Mobile. In fact, the latest preview build released for phones is named as “feature2” update, Redstone 3 branch hasn’t been mentioned at all while the Redstone 3 Build on PC has the signature. Furthermore, Microsoft has pulled Upgrade Advisor app from Windows Store – It means you cannot upgrade your Windows Phone 8.1 device to Windows 10 (Mobile).

The rumours started when the private sources told a reporter of Windows Central that Windows 10 Mobile has been wiped from rs_prerelease. And Windows 10 Redstone 3 update is not coming to Windows Phones. In simple words, Windows 10 Mobile development is now in maintenance mode and it is dead.

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However, it is not at all true, Windows 10 Mobile is still alive, at least for now. Windows 10 Redstone 3 Update will also be released to Windows Phones. However, only 13 phone models will receive the update. As noted by Ars Technica, “feature2” update is actually a post Windows 10 Creators Update build – It means, after the release of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, mobile will once again be synchronized on Redstone 3. In short, Windows 10 Mobile is not DEAD.

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On a sad note, only selected phones will receive Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update and future update (Redstone 3). Microsoft has provided the list of eligible phones:

  • HP Elite x3
  • Microsoft Lumia 550
  • Microsoft Lumia 640/640XL
  • Microsoft Lumia 650
  • Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL
  • Alcatel IDOL 4S
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
  • SoftBank 503LV
  • VAIO Phone Biz
  • MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601
  • Trinity NuAns NEO

Phones like Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 (which are actually better than the Lumia 640, 550, 650) are out of the list. Windows Insiders were testing Creators Update builds for months on their phones and reported it to perform better than the Anniversary Update.

If the trend continues, no Windows Phones will be eligible to receive updates in 2018. However, it is really not a big deal. In fact, old Android phone does not receive new updates like Windows Phone device gets, if Microsoft stop supporting all old phones, it would be fair enough. But then, unfortunately, we may need to switch to a different platform as there would be no new Windows Phones available in the market.

Do you think Windows 10 Mobile is dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Ahmed Akkari

    you know what? they killed my nokia lumia 930, and i have the ability to buy the 950xl , i don’t even care if windows phone is dead or not, i will wait for latest Nokia android to release, and that’s it, no more waiting for promises from MS

    • Mayank Parmar

      You were expecting them to support the old phones? It was released in April 2014 and no company support phones after 2-3 years (Android OEMs). However, you can still get updates by trying out a simple registry hack (that is easy than updating Android phone using custom ROM).

      • The Gorn

        They are not supporting phones on their own supported list.

        • Mayank Parmar

          We may need to wait till Mobile Creators Update release.

      • Sahil Khar

        True Mayank. But tell us one thing how many new features were added in these 2yrs. And where are apps?
        And still no LED notification for Lumia 730 till yet,and it will never come I guess now.
        Why we support MS explain plz?

  • The Gorn

    My 640 XL is blocked from all updates. Looks like they are shutting things down and lying about supported devices.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Download Insider app, it is still working. They’ve blocked Upgrade Advisor/Official path for all Windows Phone 8.1 Devices :P

      • The Gorn

        Doesn’t work for me

        • Mayank Parmar

          Got to know there is a problem with MS’ server. They will probably fix it by 25th April.

  • dutty

    What new features we can expect from creators update?

    • Mayank Parmar

      New share icon.

      • dutty

        Hope they will have all the apps which are on play store . I feel it’s the biggest drawback of windows phone.

  • Mdanish Attari

    yes they need to launch new phone & also support old phone,
    i have 930 & high speed than new devices.

  • AB

    It is a big deal considering the Mobile OS is broken and extremely buggy. There are SO many issues I have on my Lumia. MS doesn’t care about what people want that use the mobile OS, they only care what they want to make and release.
    Like other nokia fans, I’m just waiting for a new high end nokia phone to get released in the US. I picked windows mobile for myself because the environment was different, smooth and a great experience. 10 destroyed everything and continues to disappoint. Wish it would die already.

  • 000

    In my opinion RS3 will be split on 2 branches, the smartphones in the list will be update to RS3 and other devices from now start from RS3 with Windows on Arm. Anyway, If you have one of this devices, you could continue the experience on win10 as usually, only you can’t run new features that need new hardware.
    After this year this devices go out of support, and support for win10m end mobile probably end in 2 years.

  • disqusaurus_rex

    Sounds as close to dead as you can get without being dead.