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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Operating system is not receiving any major changes with the company’s Windows 10 Creators Update. However, Microsoft still has some features on roadmap for the mobile operating system. Microsoft has recently announced that the company will begin rolling out the Creators Update to Windows 10 PCs and Tablets on April 11. Furthermore, the company will soon begin the roll out of preview builds for Windows 10 Mobile from the Redstone 3 branch.

Microsoft has no plan to give up on Mobile business. The company has some serious plans for Windows 10 Mobile with the Redstone 3 update. A week ago, we spotted a new job hiring from Microsoft for its Windows Mobile team. Now the company is hiring Principle SW Engineering Lead to bring the support of two important features on Windows Phone.

Microsoft is still planning to bring support for 3D scanning and augmented reality on mobile devices and the new job listing has confirmed the earlier reports. Windows 10 Creators Update will introduce the 3D scan app for PCs but Windows 10 Mobile users may need to wait longer.

The exciting features are indeed coming to Windows 10 Mobile with the Redstone 3 update. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 Redstone 3 update to PCs, Tablets and Mobiles later this year.

  • Bob Aloisi

    I’m a happy windows phone user and glad to hear that Microsoft is not giving up yet. however, I wish they’d deal with the lack of windows apps. my bank, credit card company, cable provider, etc., etc., do not offer a windows app and don’t plan to. is it feasible for them to pick one, android or IOS, and allow the apps to run on a windows phone?

  • Mark Guinness

    @bobaloisi:disqus I think the push from MSFT is for devs to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that will run on desktop/tablets/phones. As there aren’t apps, are you able to at least use the Edge browser to access your accounts? While it may not be as convenient as apps that should still work.

    • Bob Aloisi

      Thanks Mark,but, it’s still a windows app. when i’ve contacted the providers, I get the same answer; “we don’t have any/many windows phone user to justify a windows app.” in many cases, their websites don’t have the same features as their android/ios app. for instance, my bank allows you to deposit a check in their mobile app, not available on their website. my home security company allows you almost complete control using their mobile app, not their website. besides, as you probably know, using a desktop web app on a phone ain’t easy. although I really don’t want to, I’m seriously considering upgrading to android when my existing contract expires.

  • Ryszard Krauze

    For me the best feature would be if they give call records for older series of Lumia. Now only x50 series has this function. But Lumias that where updated to W10M does not, what I totally can’t understand